Success With File Transfer for Everyone on Your Team

Published on 09 Jan 2020

File transfer can be a bit technical with terms like API and SFTP. But it doesn’t have to be.

With the right file transfer service for your business, anyone in the company, including clients, should be able to share files as needed. And with the right solution, you’ll get support from a knowledgeable staff of technical folks. When it’s easy to share files, your employees can spend more time working. 

The Non-Technical Side of File Transfer.

Several key elements can make a file transfer solution work for any business. 

1. A Welcoming and Intuitive Interface

First, a welcoming interface or web portal. An intuitive interface with a simple design is best for a variety of individuals. The online interface should be streamlined with minimal excess styling and a limited color palette. Better yet, a customizable color palette to help brand the client portal more like your business.

2. Easy to Find Features

Second, the features used most often need to be easy to locate and access. For everyday file sharing needs, we’ve found that the basics like upload and download are better relayed to non-technical folks when shown as send files and receive files. Add on options like delivery notification with only 2-3 steps necessary to set up, and have the default set to the least customized options. ExaVault defaults to sending the user initiating the transfer a notification when the files are received. However, you can send notifications to other email addresses and even set an expiration date on the shared files.

3. Terminology That Makes Sense

Next, the interface needs to make sense. Do you know where to go to share files? Can you quickly access the activity logs? Making sense means less jargon upfront, and clear graphics to represent functions.

File transfer icons and options.

All users appreciate indicators that their file transfer was successful. Simple indicators that make sense universally can save time and worry when you have a lot of files to send. 

4. Ability to Customize As Needed

Another element is customization. Adding personal messages when you send a file should not require an IT person. Anyone can easily add a custom message when the option displays right below where you select the files you want to share. Arguably it is very logical to select the files you want to send, choose who you are sending them to, and add a custom message – in that order. Then hit send to complete the transfer.

ExaVault file transfer interface.

5. Setting Up Users for Success

Set up your employees and other users of the file sharing portal for success. This is done with permissions. Granular permissions allow you to select the actions and abilities each user will have within your file transfer account. The service will show you their list of permissions, which will include all the standards like upload, download, modify, delete, and more. Then you select or unselect the functions you want each user to have. 

Keeping permissions limited can prevent someone from feeling overwhelmed with stuff they don’t need for their job. A new hire might only be able to upload, download, and view files in the directory. 

6. Fantastic Support Staff and Documentation

Finally, support can make a huge difference. Get in touch with a real person for help setting up SSH Keys and other somewhat complicated configurations. Receive timely email responses to support tickets no matter what your question. Support documentation should be well laid out to allow anyone to easily locate information on any topic.

We hear a lot of comments from clients about how ExaVault “just works” or that it is “reliable and straightforward enough for non-techies to use.” But hearing “your support team meets the high expectations we set” shows that the right file transfer solution is one that works for everyone and meets your business needs.

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