Online SFTP

Beautiful Web-Based File Management on Any Device

All your files and folders in one easy-to-manage interface. Search, click, and share with simple file transfer operations that help you connect and get things done quickly.
Simple File Operations

Send files, share folders, receive files and more -- all within our easy to navigate web-based interface. Plus, smooth drag-and-drop functionality makes organizing your files a breeze.

Drag and drop functionality.

A single click shares a folder with customers or colleagues. Instantly create a unique shared folder URL. Send invitations to access the folder from the interface via email, or instant message.

Sharing a folder.

It's simple to invite clients and customers to a shared folder and maintain data security. Many feature options, like password protection, are available with one-click simplicity.

Shared folder security options.

File Management at Your Fingertips

It's more than managing files. Log in to the file manager and access anything from one screen in just a few clicks -- users, activity logs, notifications, settings, and everything else.

Secure Your Files

You control who has access to your files. Set permissions and select a home folder for each user. Allow users to upload, download, modify, and send. Require optional passwords, expiration dates and recipient lists on shares and sends.

Receive Notifications

Adding file sharing notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in the folder, making it easy to know when a the folder has been accessed or a file has been downloaded.

Easily Manage Your Account

You get a single pane of glass to see everything going on with your account. Review activity logs, manage access permissions and security settings, setup workflows and integrations, and more, all within the web interface.

Add Your Logo and URL

Make our file transfer service look like you’re sending files from your system, not from ExaVault. Branded file sharing keeps your business front & center with your logo (even on emails), custom interface colors, and custom reply-to email address.

Optimize Your View: Choose Timeline or Gallery

Files are automatically listed by last modified. Optimize how the file manager presents your files by selecting the grid, thumbnail, or stick with condensed list view. Grid view shows large previews for multimedia; it's the best solution to help you visually find the file or digital content you're looking for.

Alternate file views in the interface.

Let Our Software Be Your Solution

Any Device. Any Time.

We care about compatibility. Account access is available on any device with a web browser, so you're never out of sync.

Easy to Use Security

Security is built in from the ground up, from our world-class infrastructure to our regular software audits. For more information, see our Enterprise Security page.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

ExaVault nailed it. It is rare to find a company that combines software reliability, features, simplicity and exceptional customer care.

- Tony (UAE)

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