Modern FTP Solution

A modern FTP solution for automated file-transfer and management.

Why use ExaVault? ExaVault gives you a simple, reliable, and secure way to share files with anyone -- no matter what platform they use.
File Manager

Automated File Transfer

Let Us Take Care of the Boring Stuff for You

Save time and resources by reducing manual file-transfer activity. ExaVault’s platform can send and receive data 24/7 to any system and keep a detailed record of every transaction -- so you can focus on the work you love!

Enterprise-Grade Security

Data Security is our First Priority

You can relax knowing your files are safe on our servers, thanks to our custom-built cloud, world-class infrastructure, and real-time backup.

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Business File Transfer That Works with Any Platform

Don’t stress about new system integration. Our cloud-hosted services provide on-demand, secure file-transfer and easily integrates with the systems you use and rely on. Incorporating ExaVault’s platform is a simple and effective data-sharing solution that gives you access wherever you are.

Hosted FTP

A Modern Solution to A Core Business Need

Say “goodbye” to chaotic systems and tedious server maintenance. With ExaVault, you get dependable FTP hosting on a modern platform that gives you cloud access to all of your devices. ExaVault allows you to send secure file transfers to any client.

Customer Support

Get Answers When You Need Them

Learn the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of ExaVault. Our in-app help and support documentation covers every ExaVault feature. If you can’t find the answer, our real, human support team is standing by to get you the assistance you need. Our team is passionate about your success!

Trusted by more than one million users.

"Does exactly what was promised so I couldn’t improve it. First class product."
~Vance Harris, Miko Computers Limited

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