Is My Secure FTP Service GDPR Compliant?

These days everyone sends and receives files over the internet. Using a secure FTP service is one way to transfer files. And whether you are in the US, the EU or somewhere else entirely, a secure FTP service is just the service that transfers your files.

Upload files to your secure FTP service

FTP does not read, monitor or check those files to determine the country of residence for any personal data being transferred. This is where understanding GDPR compliance and file sharing can be a little tricky.

Secure FTP Service

Using hosted FTP means your files are secure without the need to host and maintain your own server. You can save money and time while you focus on your business. Leave the technical worries behind.

After deciding on a solution for worry-free FTP storage, how about online access for business file sharing? Well, a secure FTP service with a web interface can provide just that. Take your mobile device or desktop to log in to your account. Many services allow you to enforce complex passwords, use SFTP connections, whitelist IP addresses, and even manage user permissions from any device. Let’s call it Web FTP!

And FTP is the best way to send large files.

GDRP Compliant Secure FTP Service

GDPR Compliance

Now as long as your hosted FTP service provider has done their due diligence with GDPR compliance, data security won’t be a worry either.

With a Privacy Shield Certification, care in getting consent to collect personal data and  enterprise-grade security, you might have found ExaVault or another good business file sharing service. These are just three examples of things to look for in a secure FTP service.

GDPR focuses on personal data security, but secure FTP service is more than that. You trust your FTP service to comply with security and GDPR regulations while also providing the file sharing features you want to keep your business running.


In conclusion, you want an FTP service that is both secure and GDPR compliant.

You want to know your rights regarding data privacy.

You want to know what data is being collected and how the service will use your personal data.

You want to be able to store and send all the files you need to quickly.

And you want to be able to securely send your large business files to anywhere from any device.