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First Up – The Features You Want

Here’s what you get with BrickFTP alternative ExaVault:

  • Modern web-based file transfer platform
  • Unlimited users - with no per user fee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No limits on file size
  • Full FTP server support, including FTP, FTPS & SFTP protocols
  • Custom branding - your business logo, colors, domain
  • Webhooks and a powerful developer API
  • Granular permissions for users
  • Online preview so you can easily locate files and images
  • Comfortable web interface that works in any browser
  • Shared folders - create a single shared workspace
  • Receive folders for file submissions
  • Comprehensive auditing and security controls
  • Multiple support channels including one-on-one webinars
  • Technical engineer support
  • Enterprise grade security
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BrickFTP vs ExaVault Pricing

BrickFTP offers an all inclusive pricing strategy for their secure FTP service similar ExaVault. However, the BrickFTP monthly rate starts at a whopping $249 - and while that includes a lot, that's not even the full set of features for their business file sharing and large file transfer service.

As a great BrickFTP alternative, ExaVault gives you a much more cost effective options for your hosted FTP account. ExaVault is built to scale with your business and wants to truly support your needs with accounts that offer the features you want with the amount of cloud and FTP storage you will actually use. ExaVault's business file transfer options range from $20/month to $200/month, versus $249 for BrickFTP. With ExaVault, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, so you're paying for what fits your business file transfer needs.

Think about BrickFTP vs your budget: their file transfer solution is ideal if you have the money to spend without doing any research for a budget friendly secure FTP solution. But, is your business truly using all or even most of the features included in the cost of a BrickFTP account?

Brickftp pricing Brickftp alternative ExaVault pricing

Looking for Enterprise Storage?

BrickFTP - Enterprise storage account starts at $999/month

ExaVault - Enterprise storage account starts at $500/month

Brickftp alternative ExaVault share limit

BrickFTP vs ExaVault: Bringing it all together

With ExaVault, you get unlimited users and unlimited bandwidth. With BrickFTP, that's not the case.

With ExaVault, you get full FTP, FTPS and SFTP support, unlike BrickFTP.

With ExaVault, you never pay for overages. BrickFTP charges you an extra $0.10 per each GB over your limit.

With ExaVault, you can transfer files up to 4TB – same as BrickFTP (but they are more expensive!)

WIth ExaVault, you can get access to our engineers via phone, email, chat, even in a webinar.

With ExaVault, you get multiple ways to send, share, and receive files from clients.

With ExaVault, you get valuable business file transfer features for way less money than BrickFTP.

Small businesses starting out and looking for the most cost-effective and comprehensive FTP cloud storage save money with an ExaVault account.