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First Up - the Features You Want

Here’s what you can get with BrickFTP or ExaVault:

  • Unlimited users - with no per user fee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No limits on file size
  • Available file transfer protocols - FTP, FTPS, SFTP, FTP SSL for super fast uploads and downloads
  • Custom branding - your business logo, colors, domain
  • Developers can integrate their websites and applications with API
  • Granular permissions for users
  • Comfortable web file manager that works in any browser
  • Technical engineer support
  • Secure file sharing
  • Enterprise grade security
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Pricing out BrickFTP vs ExaVault FTP

BrickFTP vs the competition offers an all inclusive pricing strategy for their secure FTP service. The monthly rate is $249 - all features included like FTP hosting, unlimited users, custom branding and secure file sharing including sending large files.

This works great if you don’t want to think about it any further and have the money to spend. But, is your business truly using all or most of the features included?

ExaVault vs BrickFTP gives you a few options for your business FTP account. ExaVault is built to scale with your business and wants to truly support the needs of their clients with an account that offers the features you want with the amount of cloud and FTP storage you will actually use. With ExaVault, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, so you're paying for what fits your business file sharing needs. Vs BrickFTP at $249, the cost is $100 per month for the ExaVault Business Pro Plan. Check out the list of features included.

BrickFTP costs $249 for unlimited users. ExaVault costs $50 for unlimited users.

Looking for Enterprise Storage?

BrickFTP - Enterprise storage account starts at $999/month

ExaVault - Enterprise storage account starts at $500/month

ExaVault shares can up to 4 TB.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Bandwidth

We won’t lie, with BrickFTP unlimited means unlimited. Get unlimited users with no per user cost. They offer up to 5TB of cloud FTP storage which is great for video professionals.

However, if you are not a video professional, this might be a limit you never come close to using; you could save money with an ExaVault account including plenty of storage on an ExaVault FTP server.

For FTP hosting and FTP online, ExaVault also offers unlimited users and bandwidth with no per user cost and can accept files up to 4TB. This is the closest competition you’ll find vs BrickFTP.

Great service for file sharing! I really like Exavault, when pointing customers to get files, it is so much more professional and easy to use than DropBox. I like the way that the site can be customized with your company name and logo. It goes a long way with customers.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Godfathers Pizza
  • Clorox
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