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A Full SFTP Site Platform

An SFTP Site with ExaVault offers a lot more than just a place to connect with an SFTP client. Of course, you get full SFTP services – we support SFTP, FTPS, FTP-SSL and optionally standard FTP. However, we also include a modern web-based interface for managing your SFTP site, and include a range of capabilities you don’t get with an in-house SFTP server or software solution. You’ll love our features like activity notifications, detailed audit logging, and restricted access user accounts. Companies looking for an SFTP site will find ExaVault to be the right choice. We know cloud SFTP sites and why businesses need them.

Save Time

IT professionals will agree that the setup of an internal SFTP server, network, and software utilizing SSH is time consuming, even past initial setup. The more cost effective option for a business is to turn to a fully managed, fully integrated, secure hosted SFTP site in the cloud that looks good online on all browsers.

Save Money

Outsourcing the setup, security, management, hosting, network, software, and maintenance of an SFTP site saves money too. For as little as $50/month.

Always Secure

We’ll run your online SFTP site for you - from secure data storage to fast SFTP file transfers. No need to worry about SFTP server host maintenance, network, software, and security updates. Put your focus back on your business, where it belongs. We provide the hosted secure SFTP server in the cloud so you have a secure SFTP site for uploading and downloading files.

ExaVaut secure web interface, ready to brand with your business logo.

Your Brand, Not Ours

To top things off, your customers and clients can get a fully branded web & FTP experience when transferring files. We let you setup your own custom logo, color scheme, and even your own URL for our web interface, and can allow your customers to connect to ftp.yourcompany.com when accessing your account via FTP client.

An ExaVault SFTP Site is FTP Evolved

A traditional online SFTP site host has its software limitations. Usually it's because IT just set up an old server to run file transfer protocol for your business and it’s bare bones because they aren’t software developers. Sharing files, reporting on account activity and managing the access of clients and employees can be difficult. While traditional FTP is a great file transfer protocol, it lacks some of the secure modern hosting innovations many businesses find indispensable leading many to seek out secure file transfer protocol solutions. That's where your cloud hosted ExaVault SFTP Site comes in – you get all the power of SFTP with the modern convenience of a web interface.

ExaVaualt FTP site showing connection is secure.

Take file transfer to the next level with custom branding for a fully integrated SFTP site with hosting run by engineers that are security experts.

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