FTP Site

Turn to a simple FTP site for secure business file storage, transfer, and management.

Many businesses struggle to find reliable solutions for transferring large files and turn to FTP sites as the solution. The FTP protocol is well known for its ability to transfer large files, so this makes a lot of sense. However, when a business makes the decision to set up an in-house solution, many challenges arise

Save time and money with a fully managed FTP Site

IT professionals will agree that the setup and management of an internal FTP Site is time consuming and demands ongoing time that can be better spent. The more cost effective option for a business is to turn to a fully managed, fully integrated, offsite solution like ExaVault.

FTP site from ExaVault

Outsourcing the setup, management and maintenance of an FTP Site makes sense for several reasons. A company's IT staff can release the burden of working with the hardware and software needed to setup and run a fully functioning, very secure solution. Hardware costs are mitigated. Time spent on upgrades and security patches are non-existent. ExaVault makes this even easier by allowing you to sign up in minutes and put your own logo/brand on your FTP site.

An ExaVault FTP Site can do more than just FTP

A traditional FTP site has its limitations. Sharing files, reporting on account activity and managing the access of clients and employees can be difficult. While FTP is a great file transfer protocol, it lacks some of the modern innovations many businesses would enjoy. That's where ExaVault stands apart from the crowd.

We offer a suite of modern web-based tools that seamlessly integrate with your FTP Site. They allow you to easily:

  • share files and folders
  • directly send large files to customers
  • receive files from clients
  • be notified of specific activity on the account
  • administer user management
  • and much more

Plus, customers and clients get a fully branded experience when sending and receiving files and companies get a fully integrated service that just works with their existing workflow.

 Also read our page on Web FTP for information on what ExaVault’s web interface has to offer.

Full integration offers a range of possibilities

Fully integrating your traditional FTP site with modern web-based tools offers you a range of possibilities that you don't get with an in-house solution. With innovative web-based options like file sharing and activity notifications, coupled with unlimited users and unlimited file transfer; companies looking to offer a custom branded experience for their clients will find an FTP Site from ExaVault the right choice.

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