World-class FTP hosting for business - done right.

Our entire platform is accessible via industry standard FTP/SFTP. You can use any one of thousands of FTP clients, including FileZilla, Transmit, CuteFTP & CyberDuck.

Native Integration

Integrates seamlessly with popular FTP software you already know and love. FileZilla, CyberDuck, WS_FTP? Any FTP client will do.

Secure Connections

In addition to standard FTP, we support Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP-SSL. Optional secure-only mode disallows logins via standard FTP.

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A First Class Citizen

We treat FTP/SFTP as a first-class citizen. You have full access to all of your files via FTP, and all features of the account – such as notifications – work perfectly.

Full Support

Our support staff is well versed in hundreds of FTP packages, and if you run into problems, we'll work with you to get your software working, even if it's on an 1990's era AS/400.