World-Class Online FTP Server Hosting for Business

Native Integration

Our online FTP server integrates seamlessly with popular FTP software you already know and love. FileZilla, CyberDuck, WS_FTP? Enterprise clients like Boomi & Mulesoft? Any FTP client will do.

Secure Connections

In addition to standard FTP, we support Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP-SSL. Optional secure-only mode disallows logins to the server via standard FTP.

First-class FTP Server

Our FTP server is fully integrated into the rest of our product – it isn't a 'bolt-on' component. That means all the capabilities of your account, from notifications to webhooks, work just as well via S/FTP as via our web interface.

Full Support

Our support staff are well versed in hundreds of FTP client packages. If you run into any FTP hosting problems, we'll help you to get your software working, even if it's on a 1990's era AS/400.

Unlimited FTP File Sizes

Our online FTP servers support massive files – up to 4TB. We even support FTP upload resume and FTP download resume so that large file transfers can be restarted if your connection is interrupted.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo¬†Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Clorox
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