Browser Compatibility

Having access via browser empowers your business to use our file sharing service across all its web enabled devices. Access via browser is over HTTPS to keep your connection and data secure.

We've tested the browsers and versions listed here make sure they work with our service, but we're compatible with many more.

If you depend on a browser you don’t see listed, just ask our support team.

Internet ExplorerIE
Windows 21+ 11+ 1+ N/A 52+ 21+ 20+
Mac 21+ N/A 1+ 9+ 52+ 21+ 20+
Linux 21+ N/A N/A N/A 52+ 21+ 20+
iOS 21+ N/A 1+ 9+ 52+ N/A 20+
Android 21+ N/A 1+ N/A 52+ 21+ 20+

Some of the FTP Clients We're Compatible With

We support thousands of FTP clients. As long as a client supports the industry-standard FTP or SFTP protocol, it will work with our service. Regardless of your operating system, there is an FTP client that works with our cloud FTP servers. Here are a few of the more popular ones we've tested.

Industry Software We're Compatible With

You’ll be surprised by the variety of industry specific software packages our file sharing and FTP work with. Our customers come from all industries so for over a decade we’ve worked on helping them with all the software below and more.

Data Analytics

  • Looker |
  • Periscope Data |
  • Yellowfin |
  • Domo |
  • Dundas Data Visualization |
  • SAP Business Intelligence Platform |
  • Apache Spark


Are you using Sisense to integrate data analytics into your product or software? You can simplify the collection and export of data by creating an ExaVault cloud SFTP account and using Sisense's SFTP connector. ExaVault is fully compatible with thousands of other software packages so you can push and pull data as needed. Get ready to build a smarter warehouse using both services together.


Does your business use Looker for business intelligence and big data analytics? If you need to share data and reports, you can do so with ExaVault -- create an ExaVault Cloud FTP account, and then use Looker's SFTP connector to set your ExaVault account as a delivery destination for reports and dashboards. Once in ExaVault, share your Looker reports and Dashboards with your team and third parties.

Periscope Data

Are you utilizing Periscope Data for Business Intelligence & Analytics to better understand your business? Create an ExaVault Cloud FTP account today and integrate third party data through Preiscope's FTP or SFTP connection. Periscope can then combine the data in your ExaVault account with your other data sources, and all be used together for analysis and insight.


Use Yellowfin as your Analytics and BI solution to dashboard your company's data, and need to share that with third parties? Create an ExaVault Cloud SFTP account and connect via SFTP from the Broadcasting options in Yellowfin. Then Yellofin can push reports to your ExaVault account on a schedule. Once in ExaVault, your reports can be shared by your team with clients, vendors and partners.


Do you use Domo to bring together data, systems and people to make smart business decisions? Create an ExaVault account to use with your Domo account via the SFTP writeback connector. Then you can export your data from a Domo DataSet to your ExaVault account in the Data Center. Your team can share review and share reports with clients, vendors or colleagues once they're in your ExaVault account.

Dundas Data Visualization

Have Dundas BI integrated into your applications for reporting and analytics? Start up with ExaVault so your developers can use the Dundas Delivery API to send data to your ExaVault account. Then you can schedule important reports and dashboards over to your ExaVault storage. Once in ExaVault, you can take advantage of our sharing and permissions to get reporting to the right people, including third parties as needed.

SAP Business Intelligence Platform

Use SAP Business Intelligence Platform to make better decisions for your business? Create and ExaVault account and connect your SAP account via FTP. Then you can schedule an object in SAP to deliver to your ExaVault account. Once in ExaVault, you can share with the team members, clients, evendors or other third parties that need to see the data.

Apache Spark

Are you using Apache Spark to batch and stream data for your business? Get an ExaVault account today to utilize with Spark via FTP connection. Then you can pass Spark jobs into your ExaVault account, and share data as needed with both other systems and clients, vendors and colleagues.


  • PeopleSoft |
  • Ramco HCM and Global Payroll |
  • TimeClock Plus

Ceridian Dayforce

Managing your company’s human capital with Dayforce Software by Ceridian? Simplify how you store your payroll data with an ExaVault hosted FTP account. Set up an ExaVault account for your business, then configure your Dayforce application to send data export files via FTP or SFTP directly to the ExaVault server. Get secure storage for your files, plus online access with simple sharing options when you need to review an older file.


Are you using PeopleSoft tools to help run your business? Looking for a secure and reliable hosted FTP connector for your PeopleSoft files? Join ExaVault and create a cloud FTP account to directly transfer your PeopleSoft files. As your FTP connector, ExaVault let’s you upload and download large files, securely stores your data, and offers sleek file management for organizing and sharing documents with employees.

Ramco HCM and Global Payroll

Is your global enterprise using Ramco Integration Services? Start up an ExaVault account as your FTP site for bulk file uploads and downloads. Keep your Ramco logistics data flowing with reliable document transfer and storage. Your ExaVault hosted FTP account helps support your global operations including bulk FTP transfers and file exchanges -- unlimited bandwidth, secure FTP servers, high capacity storage available.

TimeClock Plus

Tracking your employee’s time and attendance with TimeClock Plus? Be ready when you need to export data via FTP with an ExaVault hosted FTP account. Upload output from your enhanced TimeClock Plus software to your ExaVault FTP site. You’ll be able to securely store the data, easily access files and manage file exchange with employees. It’s another plus in the books when you use ExaVault with TimeClock software.

Mechanical & Design Engineering

  • AutoCAD |
  • Altium Designer |
  • Creo Parametric |
  • SketchUp |
  • MATLAB |
  • EAGLE PCB Design Software


Is your business generating lots of CATIA engineering and design reports? Make an ExaVault FTP site your destination for CATIA reports. Once you’ve signed up for ExaVault, configure the CATIA output handler to make FTP transfers after reports are created. ExaVault will securely store all your reports and any other files from your design applications on the FTP server.


Using AutoDesk Design Suite products like AutoCAD for your engineering projects? Start up an ExaVault account for a secure FTP site to upload your AutoCAD and other AutoDesk design files to. Store and open AutoCAD drawings from your ExaVault FTP site -- have one repository for all your engineering documents so clients, vendors and employees can access drawings and share files without holding up the workflow.

Altium Designer

Are you using Altium Designer for your PCB and schematic design projects? Create an ExaVault account then add your ExaVault FTP site as the publishing destination for your PCB and schematic files. Use FTP to transfer your large data files to our secure FTP server. Once uploaded, your files are available to share and organize in the web file manager or download via FTP to continue working on your design project.

Creo Parametric

Is your team using Creo Parametric product design software? Great news, you can start an ExaVault account to upload and share your designs via FTP. Your ExaVault FTP site will store your large files, lets you organize files, and make unlimited FTP transfers to keep your projects on track. You can also receive CAD files from clients directly to your ExaVault account and download them to work on in your Creo design software.


Are your engineers happy using Solidworks solutions like SIMULIA for structural simulation design? Make the rest of the team happy with an ExaVault account set up as your FTP site destination for project files and other data. Use FTP to directly upload simulation files and then use your ExaVault account to send, share, and transfer files needed to complete their projects.


Do you visualize your ideas with 2D and 3D drawings in SketchUp? SketchUp is a creative design tool you can easily integrate with an ExaVault hosted FTP account. Set up your account and transfer large SketchUp drawings and design files to ExaVault via FTP or SFTP. ExaVault FTP servers keep your data safe -- and accessible anytime you need to transfer files.


Using a MATLAB environment for developing algorithms and models? If your MATLAB files are taking up space, create an ExaVault hosted FTP account to upload and download files & data via FTP from your local machine. Your ExaVault FTP site acts as a secure file transfer portal for all the files and algorithmic design iterations. Upload via FTP to store your MATLAB files in ExaVault. Use FTP or the web interface to share your results with clients.

EAGLE PCB Design Software

Do you or your engineering team use EAGLE PCB Design Software? A new ExaVault account can provide you with a secure FTP site to save your design files to. Store the schematics you’ve created in your ExaVault FTP account -- have one repository for all your engineering and design documents so employees, clients, and vendors can access schematics and share files without holding up the workflow.


  • Tally Solutions |
  • Epicor |
  • Infor |
  • IFS ERP |
  • Dolibarr |
  • E-Automate |
  • Sage Intacct


Does your organization use Acumatica’s Cloud ERP to manage multiple aspects of your business? Get an ExaVault account to get even more power out of your ERP solution. With Acumatica’s sync to an FTP server, you can import and export operational and reporting data needed to run your business. Once set up, you’ll be able to improve your workflows and empower your team.

Tally Solutions

Enjoying the simplicity of Tally ERP to manage your financials and business operations? You’ll want to get going on creating an ExaVault account today to harness the power of Tally’s report exporting. Once you’re set, you can get reports flowing to team members to make more informed business decisions.


Are you one of the thousands of customers that use Epicor for their Cloud and on-premises ERP solution? Get an ExaVault account set up today so you can take advantage of Epicor’s integrations to send and receive files from an ExaVault account. Having ExaVault as an external data source for your ERP and other business software can vastly improve your workflows.


Does your business rely on Infor ERP to compete in your industry? Did you know they have an FTP connector? Get an ExaVault account today to take full advantage of Infor ERP. Use your ExaVault account as a data point for the exchange of operational and financial files between systems and Infor to help improve your workflows.


Is your agile enterprise resource planning software of choice IFS ERP? Odds are your industry involves a lot of pieces that need to connected to your ERP. Create an ExaVault account today to take advantage of IFS Connect. Once connected, ExaVault can act as a repository for important file enhances between systems with IFS and for IFS reporting.


Is Doibarr your business all-in-one ERP/CRM solution? They have an FTP module that makes Dolibarr even better. Start your free trial of ExaVault today. Once set up, you can use ExaVault in combination with Dolibarr to get files in and out to other systems and team members.


Is your business getting things done with ECI Solution’s E-Automate? If you need to export and import data, you should get an ExaVault account today. ECI Solutions can import order data from ExaVault. Improve your workflows by using ExaVault as a data location for file exchanges that happen between other systems and E-Automate.

Sage Intacct

Keeping your business in the green with Sage Intacct financial management software? You can deliver your Sage data to an ExaVault cloud file sharing account. Set up an ExaVault account for your business today to securely store your standard and custom financial reports while maintaining online access to your data any time to view or transfer files as needed.


  • JDA Supply Chain Platform |
  • Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking and Management |
  • GPS Insight |
  • EFI Metrix Planning and Imposition Software |
  • FutureMargin

Ramco Logistics Software

Does Ramco logistics software power your supply chain? You can enable an integrated ecosystem with Ramco iRIS, allowing you to bulk upload and download to an ExaVault FTP site. Sign up for your ExaVault account today to improve your logistics workflows and empower your business to use more of Ramco’s potential.

JDA Supply Chain Platform

Connecting your core enterprise and SaaS-based applications to JDA’s platform? Need a data location for the exchange of files from JDA? Get an ExaVault account today to push and pull important data to JDA.

Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking and Management

Managing your fleet of vehicles with Verizon Connect? Their data can be sent and pulled from an ExaVault account via FTP. Sign up today to take advantage of the workflow improvements you can make adding an ExaVault FTP site.

GPS Insight

Does your business use GPS Insight fleet software to manage your vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment? Did you know GPS Insight support can connect your account to an FTP server for report delivery? Sign up for a free trial of ExaVault today so you can start optimizing your report delivery within your organization.

EFI Metrix Planning and Imposition Software

Using EFI’s Metrix Planning and Imposition Software to automate planning and prepress processes to increase operational efficiencies? Get an ExaVault account today so you can take advantage of EFI’s ability to send jobs to ExaVault. Then you can share jobs with team members using ExaVault.


Is your business forecasting demand with FutureMargin? Need CSV files to be exchanged to get the most out of FutureMargin? CSV uploads can be automated to incorporate an FTP location like ExaVault. Sign up for ExaVault today to get files moving with FutureMargin.


  • Shopify POS |
  • RQ Retail POS System |
  • Odoo Point of Sale |
  • Cegid |
  • Openbravo Commerce Suite |
  • RICS Software

Infor POS

Is Infor POS your stable, secure, and scalable cloud-based point of sale solution? Did you know Infor POS reports can be saved to an FTP site like ExaVault? Get your business an ExaVault account today. Then you can distribute reports to your team and push notifications to them through ExaVault.

Shopify POS

Using Shopify POS to run your physical store sales and sales on the road? Need to export order data? Export order data using one of Shopify’s plugin to an ExaVault account via FTP or SFTP for added security. You can even automate exports so you can focus more time on helping customers and closing sales.

RQ Retail POS System

Does your team serve customers faster and more effectively with RQ Retail POS System? RQ has a range of FTP capabilities to connect to an external data source. Get an ExaVault account today to be that external data source for RQ. From reporting dissemination to connecting multiple systems, the possibilities are endless.

Odoo Point of Sale

Set up with Odoo for your Point of sale? Need to get files out of Odoo and to other systems or team members? Odoo can get data out to an FTP or SFTP location, like an ExaVault cloud SFTP account. Get going with an ExaVault account free trial today so you can get files to the systems and the people that need them.


Selling like crazy thanks to Cegid’s point of sale solution? Need to get files in and out of the system? Cegid has FTP capabilities allowing it to use an external cloud FTP site like ExaVault. Get an ExaVault account today to start moving files to the needed folders, systems, and team members.

Openbravo Commerce Suite

Enjoying the superb in-store shopping experience provided to your business by OpenBravo’s cloud-based retail POS system? Need to make it even better by importing data from an external platform? Get an ExaVault account today to take advantage of the FTP connection you can establish between the two systems.

RICS Software

Improving your business performance and making more money with RICS point of sale software? Need to get reporting out to sales leaders or other colleagues? RICS has you covered with the ability to deliver to FTP destinations. Close the loop and get an ExaVault account today to get reports flowing to the right people today.


  • Skyvia |
  • Workato |
  • Excelify |
  • Mulesoft |
  • Cleo Integration Cloud |
  • Jitterbit |
  • TrueCommerce EDI


Automating online processes with Integromat the glue of the internet? Did you know Integromat makes a nifty FTP integration? Get ExaVault today to make use of this integration. Then you can start mapping triggers and actions that’ll help improve your business operations.


Have you set up your infrastructure for data integration, backup, management, and connectivity with Skyvia? Do you need to set up an intermediary file location or data endpoint for your business data? You’re in luck, Skyvia has FTP integration to accomplish your needs. Get an ExaVault account today to get files moving in the right direction.


Integrating, automating, and innovating with Workato’s platform across your organization? Is your team in need of a way to get files to a cloud location for dissemination or to other systems? Workato has worked out a solution for you to integrate an FTP location into your infrastructure. Get going with an ExaVault account today to build more function and productivity into your deployment of Workato for your business.


Importing and exporting data from your Shopify store with the Excelify App? Do you need to a location to export that data to? Get an ExaVault account today to use as a data location for your Shopify data. Excelify and ExaVault make your Shopify operations smoother so you can deal with customers and sales.


Connecting anything you want and making change with MuleSoft? Do you need cloud storage with notifications to push MuleSoft data to? Get going with ExaVault today to empower your team to do more and get more from your MuleSoft investment.

Cleo Integration Cloud

Are you orchestrating and optimizing one-to-end business workflow across your ecosystem with Cleo Integration Cloud? Are you looking for a cloud storage solution to compliment your Cleo cloud? Cleo has an FTP/SFTP integration your business should set up. Get an ExaVault account today to be the storage you’ve been needing.


Connecting SaaS, cloud, and on-premises apps for your business with Jitterbit? In need of an FTP site source to make use of their ability to push and trigger data? Get an ExaVault free trial today to make use of this functionality. You can be improving your workflows same day pairing Jitterbit with ExaVault.

TrueCommerce EDI

Connecting your business across a complex supply chain with TrueCommerce? Need to go even further by integrating an FTP site? Get ExaVault today and start moving the data you need. Your supply chain can do so much more using ExaVault to enhance your TrueCommerce.

Data Security

  • Junos Space Security Director |
  • Cisco |
  • Symantec Data Center Security |
  • ActivTrak

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator

Need a file transfer solution to complement your IBM Services? If you use IBM Analytics Accelerator or other enterprise solutions to collect and analyze data, ExaVault can store and help you manage those files with options to share and send online. Setting up an ExaVault hosted FTP account is easy, and you can configure your IBM application to use the FileOutput node to write a file to a directory on your ExaVault FTP server.

Junos Space Security Director

Looking for a remote FTP server to transfer and store data from your Juniper Networks products? Use an ExaVault account to upload your configuration files and data via FTP and store on our secure server. Use our security restrictions to easily control access so you can limit which people and systems have access to configuration data.


Is your business on the hunt for a server to store backups or your Cisco configuration restore files? Get an ExaVault account today to use as your config file destination. Your files will be secure and ready in case you need them. Our user permissions and logging will help you keep an eye on account activity as well as help with compliance measures.

Symantec Data Center Security

Do you deliver automatic reports from Symantec Web Gateway at set intervals? Set up an ExaVault account and take the worry out of those deliveries. ExaVault supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS -- set your Symantec Web Gateway to deliver reports directly to your ExaVault hosted SFTP account for secure storage and online access of files whenever you need.


Collecting user behavior analytics with ActivTrak? Export your ActivTrak raw data via FTP to an ExaVault account -- then you can manage files, review reports, share with colleagues, and securely store your data. ExaVault is your secure FTP site with web-based file management. Features like shared folders let teams work with the files and ActivTrak data you give them access to.


  • Foscam |
  • TRENDnet |
  • Wansview |
  • Panasonic |
  • Swann


Need to upload snapshots and video clips from your Foscam camera to an FTP server? Create an ExaVault account and upload your camera’s media to an FTP service that lets you organize, store, and access your files online. Once you set up your Foscam camera to use ExaVault’s FTP server, you can easily and securely share your images with anyone.


Is your TRENDnet camera working day and night? With an ExaVault account, you can upload all your security footage and video via FTP - no more being told files are too big. Then easily organize all your TRENDnet snapshots in ExaVault’s file manager. You’ll get additional security features to protect your snapshots not matter how or when you want to access them.


FTP is a great way to transfer surveillance footage from your Wansview network camera. Set up an ExaVault account today and upload video files and snapshots directly to our secure FTP server so your footage stays safe even if your camera gets damaged or stolen. Manage your files online from any device and simple sharing options let you share the images recorded on your Wansview camera with anyone.


How are you managing your Panasonic network camera snapshots? Let ExaVault be your solution with direct FTP access and a modern web based file manager. Once your ExaVault account is active, you can go into your camera’s FTP server settings and configure how you want to send alarm images from your Panasonic security camera. It’s security for your security camera’s hard work.


Does your security system include Swann wireless IP cameras? Setting up an ExaVault account can give you added security for your camera snapshots. Configure your camera’s FTP settings to upload images directly to ExaVault’s secure FTP server. Uploaded files will always be available on our system even if someone has damaged your camera. Manage your snapshots online and use optional password protection on those images you share with others.