What Is FTP?

Published on 19 Apr 2018

File Transfer Protocol, also known as FTP is now more than 40 years old. As the oldest protocol for transferring large files online, it works with everything. It is interoperable across operating systems, software packages, and allows you to store and retrieve any type of content or data.

FTP is the protocol that allows you to manage and transfer files from one system to another. Such as from an FTP Client to an FTP Server.

FTP = computers or devices talking (data transfer)

What is FTP - data transfer infographic.

With FTP you can use commands such as: upload, download, copy, move, and rename files.

Here is a sample FTP session that shows retrieving files:

Example FTP session shows retrieving files.

The downside of using FTP for file transfers is that it is not encrypted. Data security is a hot issue right now and may dissuade someone from using FTP. However, there are options for encrypting files in transit including SFTP (secure file transfer protocol or SSH file transfer protocol).

Send files securely. All ExaVault FTP Services include SFTP at no additional cost.

SFTP adds a strong layer of encryption to both data and commands, so a hacker intercepting your network can’t read your files or see your login and password. ExaVault uses only 2048-bit and higher encryption keys, giving you the strongest level of security.

Hosted FTP

Hosted FTP can save you time and money. Using an FTP service with hosted FTP takes away the technical worries associated with running your own FTP server. This includes worrying about the latest server security patches or having enough bandwidth as well as other operational concerns.

Store what you need to without worrying about space. Storage can be an issue when your business deals with large or numerous files. FTP was designed to send large files that would otherwise be difficult to share via email or other methods.

You want to have a reliable and secure method for all your business file transfers. Time spent waiting for downloads, or file transfers can cause disruptions to workflow. Storing business files and data in a secure FTP server is just the first step. Having access to your data on the FTP server is the next step.

FTP Evolved

In today’s digital world, everyone is talking about the “cloud.” Having access to files and folders online is a necessary part of business file management. Hosted FTP services with enabled file sharing online is the modern version. Many FTP services offer access anywhere, anytime with web-based file management and even custom branding, so the services are integrated with your website and have the look and feel of your business.

FTP with well-designed tools for business file sharing and file management gives the best of FTP plus cloud. Web-based file management allows you to share folders and send large files that are stored on the FTP server.

FTP is not a thing of the past. It is still a trusted protocol, and with companies that offer secure FTP with modern features, FTP and SFTP will continue to serve file transfer needs for many people and businesses.

ExaVault SFTP is ideal for businesses. Get the modern features you want from any device via the web, like drag and drop, file preview, the ability to send large files, upload and download notifications, and flexible user permissions. FTP/SFTP and the web interface are treated with the same respect.

ExaVault FTP services include a variety of security options:

  • You can enforce complex passwords
  • Add file share expiration dates
  • A “secure-only” mode – force connections on secure protocols like SFTP
  • Restrict access by IP ranges
  • Granular permissions for users

Now you know what FTP is and the benefits of using hosted FTP for your business file transfers. FTP may be over forty, but it’s still FABULOUS. With companies like ExaVault offering security options and modern, accessible web-based file management, make FTP your choice for file sharing and storage.

Ready to try out FTP? Start Your Trial of ExaVault today!

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