Server Stability, Site Speed & Live Chat

Published on 07 May 2020

Application improvements are always in the works here at ExaVault. We’re happy to announce improvements in server stability, site speed, and live chat support access.

Server Stability

In our continuing quest to improve server stability, we are introducing new daily transaction limits on ExaVault accounts. This will ensure access and improve response time for all customers as well as increase the overall stability of the ExaVault platform.

We previously had multiple rate limits for various parts of our application. Now we are moving to a daily transaction model. These changes are meant to be transparent, with the overall improvement of the platform being the goal.

Review our post on Daily Transaction Limits & Direct Link File Changes for additional details regarding this update. 

Live Chat

Have you interacted with our support team via live chat? We’ve updated to a new live chat system that makes it easier to reach us for troubleshooting and other questions about ExaVault features. Just look for the chat icon in the lower right corner of our website. We’ll be bringing chat into our application soon, as well.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for in our support docs, hit us up on chat during business hours Monday-Friday PST. We’re here to help!

Live chat pop-up on ExaVault website.

Site Speed

We’ve also been working on implementing improvements to increase site speed for both mobile and desktop users. These upgrades mean a better user experience when you access our support docs, review our product features, or access your account via the “Login” link on any of our site pages.

Person working on laptop editing website code.

Do You Connect via FTP?

We know a lot of clients rely on ExaVault as their FTP site. Our secure FTP servers and full FTP/SFTP support is just the beginning. We know FTP and are working to create additional resources to help clarify your FTP related questions.

Learn about the difference between FTP, FTPS, and SFTP in our recent blog post and decide what’s best for you.

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