FTP in 2021: Top Examples of Common & Unique Uses

Published on 07 Jul 2021

Take a look at FTP in action and let us know how you connect to transfer your business files. Also, this month we're welcoming new team members and providing a fresh look at a file management feature.

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FTP in 2021: Did you know?

From simple uploads and downloads to your ExaVault account to daily transfers between systems, there are tons of uses for file transfer protocol.

There are some pretty cool uses for FTP that you may not know about. Here are some top examples of FTP (or SFTP) in action:

  1. Connecting devices to acquire data. With IoT, internet-connected objects such as your computer and an ExaVault server, you're able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without any human intervention. You can set up automated FTP transfers to handle the data transfer on a routine basis. 
  2. E-Commerce - Shopping online is convenient, but a lot of stuff has to happen on the backend. SFTP helps e-commerce businesses send order data to various systems (analytics, etc.) to keep their businesses moving forward. 
  3. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) - We all want things fast. Many 3PL operations use secure FTP to send package and transaction data and quickly share information, keeping order fulfillment fast and accurate.
  4. Content distribution - Radio shows, TV shows, and other large media content companies need fast and reliable data transfer so shows air on time. File transfer protocol's abilities to transmit large amounts of data and create automation help deliver media content once it is ready.
  5. Mars Roving - Some of the most important images of a generation were entrusted for transfer via FTP due to its reliability. Automated processes were set up to send pictures to Earth from Mars, and FTP was able to handle this.

So, how do you connect?

FTP in 2021 survey.

Welcome to Our Newest Team Members!

Meet Gisele, the newest addition to our product team and a fantastic Product Designer. Gisele lives in Taiwan and has an eye for global design that’s both beautiful and functional.

Gisele headshot.

I believe that good design can change the world, bring positive impact, and make life easier.


We had another David join the team and we’re super glad to have him onboard as our Site Reliability Engineer! He’s here to help ensure we can continue providing excellent service to our clients as reliably as possible.

Headshot of our site reliability engineer, David.

My partner and I have been trying to visit all the Smithsonian museums and are looking forward to taking our son with us once we can get back to it.


File Management - New Tutorial

Deleting files and folders is a simple yet often necessary function of file management. With ExaVault, it's never been easier. And you don't have to worry about deleting the wrong file -- our recently introduced trash can icon takes you to the undelete interface so you can restore files to your account.

Check out our newest tutorial video: How to Delete Files and Folders.

Looking for an FTP solution with great file management?

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