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WeTransfer’s File Transfer Features

WeTransfer is a popular online file transfer service. However, their website is basic, lacking options, and offers only file transfer plus some artistic full screen wallpaper advertisements. It's fine for transferring the occasional file, but if you're sharing files with customers on a daily basis, you are going to need more powerful capabilities.

WeTransfer file transfer window.
Scale comparing WeTransfer vs ExaVault.

Why Choose a WeTransfer Alternative

If you’re looking for a long term file sharing solution with excellent features and support, you need to consider alternatives to WeTransfer.

Files uploaded with WeTransfer.com are stored for a limited time, then expire and are deleted from cloud storage. You can pay WeTransfer more money to send more or bigger files (up to 20GB), have the ability to customize backgrounds along with personalizing your profile, and you can keep your file transfers stored in the cloud longer.

They include full-page wallpaper ads which you get to sample just going to their site. Not much other info or help. And not much to talk about on their site beyond the terms and conditions.

WeTransfer is fine for students or individuals who don't mind a lack of features but not great for a business looking to scale. Consider graduating to ExaVault and do more with your data.

WeTransfer Vs. ExaVault

ExaVault allows for secure file transfer and storage of your important documents and files plus the ability to send and store large files.

WeTransfer offers very limited long term storage -- by default, files automatically expire. You can also only send up to 20GB at a time -- that can put quite a damper on your business. ExaVault has cloud storage and file transfers up to 4TB making it a great WeTransfer alternative.

WeTransfer logo in a frame.

ExaVault lets your business shine - we offer custom branding, unlimited users, granular user permissions, and more. Not a large business? WeTransfer alternative ExaVault has a plan perfect for small business file sharing, new artists, and other small groups.

For only $20/month the features speak for themselves.

  • 5 users on the account – versus one for WeTransfer
  • Store up to 35GB for as long as you want
  • Modern web-based interface with no ads
  • Share files via direct web link
  • Custom branding – logo & colors
  • Direct FTP/SFTP access – not available with WeTransfer
  • Ability to share entire folders – not available with WeTransfer
  • Share files with up to 40 email addresses at once – send to 3 people with WeTransfer
  • Share files up to 4TB – versus 20GB for WeTransfer
  • Receive files
  • File preview (great for sharing photos online)
  • Activity logs for account activity
  • Rockstar engineering support
  • Password protected file transfer

Don’t let your files expire and get deleted from cloud storage before you are ready to let them go. Use ExaVault for reliable file sharing and storage. With WeTransfer alternative Exavault - whether you need digital photography storage, cloud storage for business or access to your files from any device, any platform - ExaVault has you covered.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Clorox
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