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Looking for a Dropbox Alternative?

Is Dropbox missing the mark when it comes to your business file transfer needs? Have you been looking for a Dropbox alternative that lets you collaborate with external partners or have automated systems send you data?

Find out why ExaVault is your solution -- a top Dropbox alternative for business file sharing with integration options for collaboration with external partners. Get secure file transfer and full FTP/SFTP support with the ability to connect users and systems.

Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Keeping things simple

Dropbox is a fine option if you are trying to collaborate on shared files among a small team.

Use Dropbox for:

  1. Integration with Microsoft Office
  2. Simple file sharing - send up to 2GB
  3. Personal file and photo storage
  4. Real time editing
  5. Syncing your desktop for online backup
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

ExaVault is Better for...

As a Dropbox alternative, ExaVault empowers your business if you’re looking for:

  1. Collaboration with external partners
  2. Sending files over 100GB
  3. Fine grained control over security and sharing
  4. Full FTP/SFTP Support
  5. High storage and bandwidth limits
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Your File Sharing Budget

Starter Plan
  • Send & Receive Large Files
  • 1TB+ Storage & Bandwidth
  • Email, Phone, Chat Support
  • 120,000 Transaction / API calls per day

  • Pay per user
  • 2GB limit per transfer
  • Pay to add on premium support
  • 1 billion API calls per month

Growing businesses care about cost predictability. Once you’re use up the free 2GB storage space, the pricing plans and add-on fees for a Dropbox business account can really add up.

With ExaVault secure cloud storage and file sharing service, you get the plan that is right sized for your business, right now. It's easy to scale and add more users or storage as your business grows. Create the users you need to share, receive, and collaborate.

Transfer however you need with ExaVault.

Get all the features you need and save money with ExaVault vs. Dropbox pricing.

Check out our plans to view all features and details.
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Rebrand Better Than Dropbox

Customizing files with a company logo and other branding can be key for many businesses.

With Dropbox service, custom branding options include:

  • Your logo
  • Company name
  • Background image

ExaVault branded file sharing for business offers:

  • Logo, Company Name & Custom URL
  • Use your logo and URL in the application, on shared folders and notification emails.
  • Embed the interface right into your website, making your file sharing solution look like it's a part of your company.

FTP site with custom branding.
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Receiving Files is Easier with ExaVault

Does your business need a Dropbox alternative that gives you the ability to build upload forms right into your website?

Use ExaVault's receive folder function to:

  1. Set up designated folders for client submissions.
  2. Create customized upload forms to collect the form data you need to accept and process files.
  3. Integrate the form directly on your website.
  4. Clients can easily upload files and submit their information without having to leave your site, log in, or access another system.
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

No FTP & SFTP Support with Dropbox

Dropbox uses proprietary protocols.

ExaVault has its own API, but also offers a fully hosted FTP server. Our system supports thousands of third party applications and products.

Third party applications.
Dropbox Vs. ExaVault

Pay for Dropbox Premium Support

Support shouldn’t come at a cost.

Dropbox offers a premium support add-on you can purchase. Only business accounts get phone support.

At ExaVault, we believe that no matter how big your business is, providing support is part of our promise to you. If you need help, we're here – our engineering staff can host a webinar and train you on the product or troubleshoot the most difficult problems. This includes knowledgeable staff to assist with FTP or SFTP support.

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