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If your main business need is to collaborate with partners using Office 365 or G Suite, Box may be the right solution. If you need a file transfer solution with secure FTP support, a robust API suite and a slew of web based features all in one product, you’re looking for a Box alternative - Try ExaVault Today!

Box vs ExaVault.
Box Alternative ExaVault

ExaVault Does FTP. Box Doesn’t.

Does your business rely on FTP or SFTP for the critical transfer of large files?

ExaVault offers secure FTP hosting with a web based interface for file management. Connect and transfer files with any FTP client. Require SFTP or FTPS for security -- not a problem, ExaVault supports these protocols. Plus, set up SSH keys for secure login so systems can connect for automated or scheduled transfers.

Box treats FTP as an add-on for your account. They recommend file transfer protocol to be used only if necessary for initial uploading of files to your account and the occasional bulk downloading -- and there’s minimal to no support for this.

Box Alternative ExaVault

Files & Usage: Box vs. ExaVault

  • Multi-TB File Storage & Bandwidth
  • FTP/SFTP Support
  • 150,000 Transaction / API call limits per day
  • Email, phone & chat support

  • +$25 /additional user
  • 50,000 API calls per month
  • No FTP
  • Add on tools, support, etc

Box business plans let you add additional users, but each additional user comes with an additional fee per month on top of regular service costs.

In contrast, ExaVault has plans geared towards businesses of all sizes, making it a strong Box alternative. Users can include human or system logins. Plus, our file sharing service can accept large files of up to 4TB -- 800 times larger than Box!

Check out our plans to view all features and details.
Box Alternative ExaVault

Supporting Every Account

For any business file sharing solution, service and support are paramount. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring you can make the most of your ExaVault account, while we focus on the security and privacy of your data.

Anything beyond standard support requires an upgrade fee with Box. ExaVault is the best Box alternative because it is built to scale with your business -- from a Starter account to Enterprise FTP. Every client can access ExaVault support and get technical assistance via chat, email/support ticket or phone. We'll even help you integrate and troubleshoot software that's not our own -- something Box won't do.

That includes full support for a variety of third-party FTP clients, from desktop software like FileZilla to enterprise integration software like Boomi and Mulesoft. Get the support you need with helpful, knowledgeable responses from the people who built and use the platform.

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If your business is looking for the most comprehensive cloud FTP solution, you’ll save money with ExaVault. Sign up today to send, receive and automate file transfers. Stop comparing Box alternatives and try ExaVault today.
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  • Full FTP, FTPS and SFTP support
  • No file size limit
  • Engineer support via phone, email, chat, even live webinar
  • Multiple ways to send, share, and receive files from clients


  • 5GB File Size Limit
  • Pay Per User
  • Only 50,000 API calls per month
  • No FTP Support

Trusted by more than one million users.

"Does exactly what was promised so I couldn’t improve it. First class product."
~Vance Harris, Miko Computers Limited

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