Get notified of account activity in real-time.

Get email alerts about specific account activities. Monitor important actions and eliminate the guesswork.

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Add new notifications quickly from one easy view.
Details about each active notification.
Edit or delete a notification with one click.
Screenshot that shows setting up a notification.

File and folder notifications.

Notifications work on both files and folders. Set a notification to alert when a specific file has been uploaded, deleted or even renamed. Or get notified anytime anything in a folder (including its subfolders) changes.

User specific notifications.

Targeting a specific user's activity will help to keep work-flow efficient and transparent. It's easy to create notifications for one user or all users.

Screenshot that shows setting up a notifcation to just specific users.

Notifications work everywhere.

Get notified of activity via traditional FTP connections and the web-based file manager.  Even shared folders work with notifications.

Notifications are immediately sent via email, and are also available in-app via sharing history.

Notify your server.

We also have webhooks available. Webhooks let you programatically tell another computer – perhaps an internal server – that an event has happened. It makes it very easy to integrate ExaVault into your workflow – see the webhooks documentation for more.