Beautiful, web-based file management in the browser.

All your files and folders in one easy-to-manage place.  Simple file operations, frictionless one-click shared folders and a timeline view help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Know at a glance where you are in your file system.
Dedicated URL to view a shared folder.
One-click sharing makes it super simple to share a folder with others.
Screenshot that shows moving one image into a folder via dragging and dropping. Our drag and drop is even 'spring loaded' so you can continue exploring inside of folders!

Drag and drop simplicity.

You can move files around in the File Manager by dragging and dropping, as well as uploading files or folders from your computer by dragging them right into the browser.

Frictionless sharing.

A single click shares a folder and instantly creates a unique shared folder URL that can be sent via email or instant message. It's simple to invite others to a shared folder and many configuration options, like password protection, are available with toggle-on, toggle-off simplicity.

Screenshot that shows how easy it is to share files.
Screenshot that shows how timeline view and gallery view.

Timeline and Gallery Views

Timeline view groups your files by hours, days and months, making it simple to locate and work with files and folders. Other sort options include by name, date, size and type. Gallery View will show you large previews for multimedia so you can get a better sense of your files.

Always available.

Access your file manager from any computer using just a browser. It even works on your mobile devices. There is no special software required and the file manager supports all file operations, including move, copy and delete. Sending large files and creating shared folders is easy.

Auto ZIP and download.

Need to download a bunch of files, or even a whole folder? Hit 'Download All' and we'll automatically ZIP them up for you, so downloading is faster and you spend less time waiting.