SFTP Solution

Full FTP & SFTP Protocol Support

Access our entire platform via your preferred protocol -- FTP, SFTP, FTPS, or FTP-SSL -- and keep on using your preferred FTP software.

Native Integration

Our online FTP server integrates seamlessly with everything from popular desktop clients to enterprise data transfer packages.

FileZilla, CyberDuck, WS_FTP, Boomi, Mulesoft -- if you use it, we integrate with it. Any FTP or SFTP client will do -- see our compatibility page for more software options you can use with ExaVault.

FTP client icons connecting to ExaVault.

File Management at Your Fingertips

It's more than managing files. Log in to the file manager and access anything from one screen in just a few clicks -- users, activity logs, integrations, settings, and everything else.

Secure Connections

In addition to standard FTP, we support Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP-SSL. Update account preferences if you need to allow logins to the server via standard FTP.

Running the Latest Technology

We regularly upgrade our platform to support the latest updates, including SFTP Protocol V6 and TLS 1.3. We also support the latest cipher suites, including ECDSA elliptic curve cryptography. (While also maintaining support for older versions and protocols.)

First-Class FTP Server

Our FTP server is fully integrated into the rest of our product – it isn't a 'bolt-on' component. That means all the capabilities of your account, from notifications to webhooks, work just as well via SFTP as via our web interface.

Full Support

Our support staff are well versed in hundreds of FTP client packages. If you run into any FTP hosting problems, we'll help you to get your software working, even if it's on a 1990's era AS/400.

Enterprise Grade Security

Our security commitment goes beyond SFTP support. See our Security Compliances to learn more.

Secure file transfer.

Unlimited FTP File Sizes

Our online FTP servers support massive files -- up to 4TB. We even support FTP upload resume and FTP download resume so that large file transfers can be restarted if your connection is interrupted.

Person carrying large boxes.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

ExaVault nailed it. It is rare to find a company that combines software reliability, features, simplicity and exceptional customer care.

- Tony (UAE)

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