Online FTP Server

Online FTP Server

Skip hosting your own FTP Server - use our always-on secure FTP servers instead. Access via FileZilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP, or any other FTP client you want.

If your developers are looking for an FTP solution to automate file transfers, they’ll love using our integrations, webhooks, and having direct API access to our servers.

Online FTP Server Features

  • One-Click Instant Sharing
  • Web-Based & Traditional FTP Access
  • No Setup Fees
  • Annual Pricing Discounts
  • No File Size Limits
  • Automate File Transfers
  • Use FileZilla, Cyberduck, WinSCP, And More
Enable FTP, SFTP and other protocol integration options.
Save yourself time, money, and frustration. Companies of all sizes use ExaVault FTP solutions each day when transferring files between clients, colleagues, and third-party systems. With online FTP server hosting, you get easy access to your data, fast and secure file transfers, all without the hassles of an in-house FTP server.
Don't worry about compatibility, all your devices and platforms work to connect to our online FTP servers from anywhere, at any time.

We Secure Your Data

Your data is just as secure whether you're connecting directly to the FTP server or using the web interface.

Troubleshooting Is No Trouble

We're here to support you with built-in features that let you monitor your online FTP server activity, from file uploads to user logins. User logs are a great tool for auditing and assisting with your business's regulatory compliance.

Detailed logging lets you easily find the who, what, when and how.

Session Logs.
Users & Permissions

Create users and set permissions for the systems and people you need to connect.

User Permissions.
Technical Support

Customer support with access to developers for technical questions.

Customer Support Dashboard.

Designed for Developers

Our developers have put a lot of work into making sure your developers have the tools they need to automate and connect our online FTP server with the software and systems your business uses. From our robust API to webhooks that let you programmatically tell your server that an event has happened. See our webhooks documentation for more information.

Build Your Personalized File Transfer Now

Receive folders, customizable upload forms and a robust API provide endless options.

Trusted By These Awesome Customers!

In our opinion, the best FTP server for API integration. It’s a fantastic server with an extreme easy to implement API. It was crucial for our business success the decision for starting to work with ExaVault!

- Abílio Magalhães, from Portugal

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