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The Highlights

A File Transfer Interface for 2021

ExaVault is a file transfer service built with today's customer demands in mind. Our modern web based interface uses the latest technologies to provide a superior experience – across web, tablet and mobile. Our system is very easy to use with help provided throughout, and training available on demand. It's also fast – our lightweight client model means you won't spend forever waiting for your file transfer application to load – you'll be able to open our web app and get right to work.

Branded File Transfer for Business

Don’t let your file transfer service confuse your customers with branding that isn’t yours. ExaVault has custom branding options that keep your business front + center. Let customers see your company name and logo when you send files to them. It’s easy to brand your account including creating a custom domain for online access. Best of all, we include custom branding free, unlike a lot of services out there.

Security + Password Protection

Securing your business data while it’s on our servers is our business. We work everyday to make sure that your file transfer service is operating smoothly and the data on our servers is encrypted and secure from intrusions. New security and privacy features are added all the time to fully protect your data and business files. From password protection to expiration dates on shared files, we’ve got you covered. You can even enforce everyone on your account to use the most secure options only – requiring long, complex passwords, forcing all file transfers over 2048bit HTTPS or SFTP, and more.

No Per User Cost

Most other online file sharing services will gladly help you transfer large files, but they’re also happy to charge you for every single user that you want to add to your account. Not with ExaVault’s file transfer service — we charge you one flat rate and offer unlimited users (on select plans) with unlimited file transfer and no file size limit on FTP transfers. Don’t let unexpected fees complicate your business file transfer service needs. Unlimited users enables your business to scale effortlessly while reducing your need for detailed resource planning.

FTP + Web Based Interface

Our modern web interface gives you multiple ways to transfer large files online. That's just the beginning – to help keep your data moving, no matter what system it comes from, we also fully support FTP & SFTP. That means your users can use our web interface that lets anyone, no matter their technical level, use our file transfer solution. At the same time, automated systems can tie into your account with FTP/SFTP. We support numerous automation options, like SSH-keys for secure passwordless logins.

ExaVault's easy to use, modern web interface.

Website Integration

Want to build your file transfer service right into your website? Our branding is only the beginning – website integration options let you build our product right into your own website. That means our full file transfer interface – with the drag & drop options that you're used to – or just access to one or two folders. You can even setup receive folders, which allow your customers to transfer files to you!

File Transfer Support

Our support team is always ready to help with our your file transfer service. We’re here for you 24/7, access via support ticket, by phone, email, or schedule a one-on-one webinar. We also have online help docs and how-to videos we made for self-learners and developers. Best of all, you get access to real people – even direct access to our engineers to help figure out complex issues or configurations. We'll get you up and running quickly – and make sure you stay that way.