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File Sharing Service Simplified

When you need to share files or folders with colleagues or clients you want the best file sharing. You want the process to be fast, simple, and your data to be secure. With ExaVault’s branded file sharing, you can share and receive files with only a few clicks, and manage those files either with our intuitive web software interface, or via your favorite FTP client.

File Sharing Software Permissions

Not only can you easily share files through the cloud file sharing software, you are also in control of how each share behaves. You can require users to enter an email address before they can download, or send a file just once to an email address. You can even enable a password for access to download the shared files for an extra step of data security. HTTPS web connections standard for encryption of shares, with optional SSH encryption on FTP client connections.

ExaVault's web interface allows you to create shares with custom permissions.

Receive Folders

If you have clients that need to send files and data to you, you can easily set up a Receive Folder as part of your storage. Clients can upload files to receive folders from any web browser or FTP client. You have full control over your FTP file sharing service and how your client & customers interact with receive folders for the best experience. You can even enforce SSH transfers by selecting SFTP in the settings to make your cloud file sharing software access more secure by enforcing encryption.

Branded File Sharing

Never worry about confusing your colleagues and customers again. Our branded file sharing options help make it clear who they're sharing files with. You can replace our logo with yours, customize your colors, and even set your file sharing site to be accessible at your own URL (e.g. It's quick and painless to apply custom branding to your account. We include custom branding free with all accounts unlike some file sharing service competitors that charge you extra for it.

Unlimited Users for Endless Collaboration

Forget about user limits with our Business Pro and above plans that feature no per-user costs. Create as many users as your business needs. Collaborate freely with customers, colleagues, and contractors anytime you need to set someone up. Supported by logging and notifications it's the perfect system to help with your compliance and overall peace of mind. You can finally have the file sharing service you've been looking for at a price that won't keep climbing on you as your head count grows.

Create as many users as you need for with our file sharing service.

Cloud File Sharing for Business

At ExaVault, we built our cloud file sharing service for business, not individuals wanting one time shares. Our feature set is informed by over a decade of working with businesses like yours. Our user management and permissions are ideal for organizations needing to organize work files. Easily collaborate with customers and colleagues with ease. Access our platform any way you want - on the computer, tablet, smartphone, FTP client, or via our API. From FTP hosting to secure file sharing -- choose us to support your business's cloud file sharing needs.

Secure File Sharing

Data on our servers is encrypted in transit and the security of our network is constantly monitored ensuring the safety of our file sharing service. We are constantly improving security and privacy features, as well as adding to them. Password protection for file sharing and expiration dates are some of our most used features by businesses looking for easy file share security. Additionally you can set your whole account to only accept secure connections restricting file sharing to only HTTPS, and SFTP which utilizes SSH tunneling to add encryption to your data while in transfer.

More about our security:

  • ExaVault servers run only our data storage platform and keep a high security profile.
  • Access to all equipment (servers, firewalls, etc.) is logged and monitored for intrusions or other anomalies.
  • Multi-layered monitoring & intrusion protection systems; firewalls + internal controls for databases.
  • All encrypted traffic uses an SSL certificate with a 2048 bit private key, employing TLS v1.2.

Online Form Builder With Database

Create a customized file upload form that you can embed into your website, or share a link to a custom form with your branding. Once you receive forms along with file uploads, you'll get a notification so you won't keep guessing. Our receive folders contain all your submissions and stores them in our database for access when you need with download functionality. For developers, we also offer advanced form builder integrations, which let you embed an upload-only control directly in a customizable form, and interact with it via Javascript callbacks.

Receive folders can be customized to accomodate your businesses needs.

Share Files With Customers

Getting people to do what you want is hard enough; that's why we make it easy to share files with customers. You can send files to customers on a one off basis, share a folder for ongoing project work, or set up a custom form with file upload to get work from inbound customers. All these options are customer friendly using your branding on emails sent to customers and well as on the pages they interact with. All these features are included with every account, giving you robust file sharing service. Our support team is also happy to jump on a call with you to make sure you understand how to share files with customers in a way that makes sense for your business.

Cloud Storage

We built and run our infrastructure in secure redundant data centers to give you world-class cloud storage as part of your file sharing service. We employ multiple firewalls, monitoring and intrusion detection systems, and isolate each customer's data, all to keep your files safe & secure. When you need more storage just upgrade your account in the admin panel and you'll have instant access to more space. And since it's in the cloud, it's accessible across all your platforms and devices so you can keep using the equipment you already have to connect.

File Sharing Notifications

Receive notifications instantly to keep your business moving along without having to guess when something is ready. Receive notifications about files you've received from customers or colleagues. Or set up notifications on actions by specific users to help improve workflow. Notifications can go to your email, show online in our app, or call a third-party service via webhook.

File Sharing Support

If you need help with your file sharing service our rockstar support can be accessed via support ticket, phone, email, chat or one-on-one webinar. Our support team has also built an extensive online help docs section and multiple how-to videos for self learners and developers. But unlike other companies, our help docs won't be a blockade to you accessing a real human with the engineering skills necessary to help you out!

Faster Shares

If you need faster shares, you'll be pleased to learn about our FTP capabilities which are a big speed advantage over other file sharing services. The speed is superior to transfers done over web browser due to the high bandwidth capabilities of FTP. Our service directly supports FTP connections and our support team will happily assist you.

FTP is fast, accessible and secure.

Enterprise File Sharing

Have more pressing needs or you just grow out of your plan? We have Enterprise file sharing service with personalized account management and priority support. Whether your a large international enterprise or a small business with mission critical needs, we'll make sure you have the very best in service. 

  • Dedicated Account Success Manager - Your single point of contact for all support needs.
  • Guaranteed Uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Direct Developer Access - Engineering and integration specialist help for dev questions.
  • Personalized Staff Training - Webinar-based support sessions.
  • 24/7 On-Call Support & Engineering Staff - Page an engineer for emergency response.
  • One Year Contract
  • 1TB+ Cloud storage - Just let us know how much you need

We understand enterprise contracts are big decisions, schedule a chat with us to talk through questions through our calendly at your convenience.

Our file sharing service has many options making it the best. Links for sending files directly to a client. Creating users who can access your file sharing account and upload, download and even delete files depending on their permissions. Custom forms with file upload you can embed or send a link to. Optional features to allow you additional levels of securing file sharing data storage from complex passwords to IP whitelisting to enforcing SSH encryption. We design our file sharing services & cloud software features to be the best branded file sharing solution for your business.