File Sharing

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FTP: The best way to transfer big files

ExaVault offers a full service FTP server with unlimited file sharing. Services include file uploading, downloading, creating an unlimited number of users, and more, together with a modern web file manager for easy online access and custom branding features for a professional look that showcases your business or brand.

File Sharing Simplified

When you need to share files or folders with colleagues or clients, you want the file sharing process to be simple, secure and fast. With ExaVault, you can share and receive files with only a few clicks, and manage those files either with our intuitive web interface, or via your favorite FTP client.

Share and receive files
Screenshot that shows the setup of a share.

File Sharing Setup

Not only can you easily share files, you are also in control of how each share behaves. You can require users to enter an email address before they can download, or send a file just once to an email address. You can even enable a password for access to download the shared files for an extra step of data security.

Receive Folders

If you have clients that need to send files to you, you can easily set up a Receive Folder, which clients can upload files to, either from a web browser on their computer or via FTP. You have full control over your FTP file sharing and how your client interacts with the receive folder.

File sharing has many options. FTP for sharing large files. Links for sending files directly to a client. Creating users who can access your file sharing account and upload, download and even delete files depending on their permissions. Optional features to allow you additional levels of secure file sharing from passwords to IP whitelisting. We design our file sharing services and features to be the best for your business.