A complete list of features and technical specifications.

Here is a full list of all the features and technical details. Please contact us if you have questions.

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Web based file management

All our accounts include access to our Simple Web File Transfer tool. Features include full web-based file and folder management, the ability to add/edit/delete users, quick access to activity logs, usage statistics, and much more...

SWFT uses the latest technologies, such as HTML5 to allow for drag & drop uploading of files via your browser. We also have a mobile version where you can browse and upload files from your mobile device.

Direct FTP Access

Our system uses the proven industry standard FTP protocol. You can access your space with any one of thousands of FTP programs, including SmartFTP, CuteFTP, FileZilla and the FTP software built into Windows. There is nothing proprietary, so you never have to worry about lock-in.

We also support FTP-SSL and SFTP at no additional cost.

Secure FTP (SFTP) & FTP-SSL Support

We support secure, encrypted connections via both SecureFTP (SFTP) and FTP-SSL. All accounts and users can use both SFTP & FTP-SSL in addition to standard FTP, at no additional cost.

Built-in Re-branding

Fully White Label the online file manager with your brand using our re-branding tools. Add a logo, company name, custom URL and choose from one of our themes. All forward facing pages and even emails are re-branded for complete integration into your daily work-flow.

Easy File Sharing

Our web based tool, includes many great ways to share files. You can send files just like email – share a direct download link with others - receive files from others directly in your account - or you can create shared folders.

Unlimited Users (1)

ExaVault accounts let you create an unlimited number of users. A user is an additional login that you can give to a client, friend or business partner, so they can get to your files. You can allow users to access all of your files – or only part of your account. Unlimited users not available for some plans.

Granular user permissions

You can restrict a user so s/he only has access to certain files and folders on your FTP site. You can see everything (with the master password), but your user only has a limited view.

Comprehensive Logging & Statistics

We offer 90 days of transaction logs for your account - every login, upload and download from every user is recorded, so you can see what your users have been up to. Logs are even exportable to Excel (CSV) for later analysis.

We also offer a full year of aggregate bandwidth and space usage data, so you can track your trends over time.

Activity Notifications

You'll get an email in real-time when files or folders you've targeted are uploaded or downloaded.

Unlimited Bandwidth (2)

All our accounts include unlimited bandwidth. You may upload and download as many files as you'd like, and you will never incur an extra charge for bandwidth usage!

No Limits on File Size

Our FTP service can accept files of up to 4TB. If you have a 100GB account, you may upload one 100GB file, two 50GB files, or a hundred 1GB files...your choice.

Additionally, we support 'FTP Resume' on both uploads and downloads. If your Internet connection is interrupted for some reason, FTP Resume lets you resume uploading or downloading your large files right where you left off. You don't have to start over from the beginning.

NOTE: A direct FTP connection may be required for very large file sizes. Downloads of any size may be done either via FTP or our web-based file manager.

Unlimited Concurrent Logins (3)

We let you log in to your storage space as many times as you need, from as many computers as you want. You can be uploading files in New York while your clients in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo are downloading files... all at the same time!

Min. 200KB/s Guaranteed Speed (4)

Our servers are located in a high-speed datacenter in California, and we guarantee that you'll see better than 200KB/s transfer speeds within the Continental USA.

In fact, most of our customers from both the USA and around the world see significantly better than 200KB/s.

Instant Account Setup & Upgrades/Downgrades

All accounts are set up instantly, around the clock. You won't have to wait for hours before you can transfer files to your FTP site, as your account will be ready for you right away!

We also offer instant upgrades/downgrades via our Client Area, so you can get more space when you need it.

Full International (UTF-8/Unicode) Support

We fully support UTF-8 & Unicode, which means we support files uploaded in any language, including glyph based languages such as Chinese, and right-to-left languages such as Arabic.

Direct Support from Engineering

Help is here if you need it! Whenever you call or email, you'll talk directly to an engineer who can solve your problem. There are no 'level 1' techs that don't understand your situation.

Support is available via email 24/7, and via phone during business hours (PST).

Linux/Unix/BSD, OS X & Windows 95 → Vista / 8 Support

All of our accounts fully support Linux, Unix, BSD, and OS X operating systems, and our web based tool has been tested and works with all popular browsers, including IE, FireFox and Chrome.

Quarterly (5%) & Yearly (10%) Payment Discounts

We offer a pre-payment discount of 5% for 3-month and 6-month commitments, and 10% for 12-month commitments. You can select your desired pre-payment discount when placing your order.

FREE Setup

Setup of our FTP storage accounts is instant and FREE. Accounts are created on a 24 hours basis.

(1) Unlimited users not available for some plans.

(2) All of our plans include unlimited bandwidth. However, there are two restrictions. First, if you are using your plan for data backup, you must use incremental backup software, which copies only changed files each night. Second, we do not permit large-scale file distribution using our service. If you need to distribute software updates, media files, etc. to hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously, you'll be better off to purchase services from a content delivery network. If you have questions about these policies, or need help choosing incremental backup software, please contact us.

(3) We allow unlimited logins for most uses of the service. However, if you are running a service which needs to regularly 'poll' our servers (for example, a script that regularly checks for an updated file, or a security camera that repeatedly uploads an image of your store), we require that: a) each device (security camera/computer/etc.) connects to the server no more than once every thirty (30) seconds; and b) all devices in aggregate connect no more than six hundred (600) times per hour.

(4) FTP Storage Servers have been specially optimized for high-capacity, high-speed data transfer, and are guaranteed to produce better than 200KB transfer speeds assuming 1) you are in the Continental US, and 2) you have a connection with upstream bandwidth greater than 200KB/sec. Customers outside the US will still see high speeds (usually much greater than 200KB/s), but we do not guarantee the speed.