Sharing any folder is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Sharing files with others makes an effective work-flow.  With our shared folders you securely give anyone access to upload and download files. Invite them or simply share a dedicated link. Great for collaboration.

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Shared folders allow for simple, secure, ad-hoc collaboration and one-click sharing with anyone.  Easily configure
options like password protection and permissions.

Simple ad-hoc collaboration.

Creating a shared folder lets you give others access to download from (and optionally upload to) a single folder in your account.   It's secure, quick and convenient.  You can add options like password protection and an expiration date with simple toggle switches.

Protect important files with a password and expiration.

We've built in a number of security options to keep your data safe. You can optionally add a password to a shared folder, set it to expire after a certain period of time or restrict it so that only a pre-approved list of people can access it.

Notifications alert you of activity.

Adding notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in a shared folder, making it easy to know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded or edited by others.

Share with just a link.

It's easy to quickly create a shareable link that gives your colleagues or clients access to a shared folder. Share it via instant message, email or any other way.

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