Sharing as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Quickly send files or create full, collaborative shared workspaces. Send via email, chat, or just by copying a link. Password protection grants extra security and notifications keep you in-the-know.

Select a folder in your account to receive files.
Choose how you want to let others know they have access.
Set up notifications, password protection, expiration date and more.
What your client will see. They can easily download all, or even upload (if you let them).

Share Folders

Creating a shared folder lets you give others access to download from (and optionally upload to) a single folder in your account. It's great for creating a shared workspace.

Send Files

Get files to anyone by just sending them a link via chat or email. No file size limits, and they can download your sent files at their leisure.

Options? Believe it.

You can add options like password protection and an expiration date easily with toggle switches, or restrict the share to certain people.

Screenshot that shows the automatic notifications that come along for the ride with shares.

Notifications alert you of activity.

Adding notifications to a shared folder will send an email alert when there is activity in a shared folder, making it easy to know when a file has been uploaded, downloaded or edited by others.

Share with just a link.

It's easy to quickly create a shareable link that gives your colleagues or clients access to a shared folder. Share it via chat, email or any other way.

Screenshot that shows getting a share URL easily.
Screenshot that shows a rebranded share.

Fully brandable.

Add your logo and URL to the sharing interface. Make it look like you're sending files from your system, not from ExaVault.