Be in the know with activity logs and statistics.

Every account includes our comprehensive logging and statistics engine. See activity at a glance or drill down to get more detailed insight into the activity in your account.

Usage statistics with easy to read graphs and charts.
Filtering by Username, Type, IP Address, Date, Time and Path/File.
Easy to read data logging of account activity.
Screenshot that shows the options of sorting your activity log.

Filters let you find the details.

On large accounts, the amount of raw log data can be daunting. Our filtering system lets you quickly zero in on the entries you need to find. You can filter logs by username, type of transaction (e.g. upload or download), file name, remote IP address and date/time.

Graphs make it easy to understand.

Understand your bandwidth and disk usage quickly with our easy to use at-a-glance graphs. Drill down by day, week or month to get down to the details.

Screenshot that shows the graphing capabilities of our activty logs.
Screenshot that shows the options of sorting your activity log.

One-click log exports.

Run your own analysis or backup your logging data by exporting a CSV file with just a click. We include all the data from the interface, so you can work quickly and easily.

Logs, stats and more logs.

If you need the raw data, we've got it. Quickly see the who, what, when and where about the activity in your account. We track every action – every login, every upload, every download.