Comprehensive Activity Logs

Click below and view activity logs in our online interface.

Filter by username, type, IP address, date/time, or path/file.
Easy to read data logging of account activity.
Activity logs panel in the ExaVault web interface.

Filters Let You Find the Details

On large accounts, the amount of raw log data can be daunting. Our filtering system lets you quickly zero in on the log entries you need to find. You can filter activity and logs by username, type of transaction (e.g., upload or download), file name, remote IP address, and date/time.

Options to filter logs by username, type, path/file, IP adress for date/time.
Export logs to csv.

One-Click Log Exports

Run your own analysis or backup your logging data by exporting a CSV file with just one click. We include all data in the web interface as well as FTP server log files.

Immutable Logs

Our logs are immutable – they can't be changed by anyone, not even an account administrator or ExaVault staff. This is critical for account security and compliance in many industries. You'll always have an accurate view of what activity happened in your account.

Lock icon over log files indicating our logs are immutable.

Companies that use and trust ExaVault

  • Alamo¬†Drafthouse
  • True Value
  • Chevron
  • Clorox
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