What We’ve Been Up To: Feature Updates

Published on 10 Dec 2019

This month we’re sharing a list of smaller feature updates you might not have noticed the last few months. Take a look at our holiday support schedule and how we’ve been improving things behind the scenes.

As another great year comes to an end, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your ExaVault account. Our new product tour video shows how anyone on your team can use ExaVault and covers most of our features.

Holidays are almost here, but we’ve still got you covered!

Celebrate holiday ornament.

We change our support schedule for the holidays. There will be no phone or chat support from December 25th through January 1st for the holiday season. Phone and chat support will be available again starting January 2nd. 

Email support will continue normally. If you need to reach us, please send a message to support@exavault.com, and we’ll get back to you within a few hours. Engineers will also be on-call to assist if needed for any critical issues.

Refer-a-friend and get Rewards!

Use Our New Video to Refer-a-Friend

December is a great month to share and be rewarded. Our new product tour video is the perfect introduction to ExaVault. If you have friends working for another company, or know anyone who could benefit from our file transfer service, refer-a-friend today and you could earn a $100 account credit.

ExaVault overview video thumbnail.

Watch Video Now!

For more information check out our referrals FAQ page, log in to get your personalized referral link, and share our video.

Feature Updates

We’ve been making things a little bit smoother here and there — from visual improvements in our web file manager to counting your quota. Here are some additional feature updates you’re probably already taking advantage of:

  • Success message in online file manager after creating a share
  • Notifications triggered for Direct Link downloads
  • Added a button in receive folder settings to reset to the default fields
  • Direct uploaded send files are not counted in your quotaImproved caching for faster performance
  • Drag and drop functionality fixed for breadcrumbs in the online file manager
  • Improved receive folder form handling for interrupted uploadsNew links added to online file manager help menu

More great things to come!
~The ExaVault Team

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