Meet Our Next Generation of Webhooks Technology

Published on 30 Mar 2021

Webhooks have been rebuilt from the ground up to improve latency and provide new functionality like multiple endpoints and filtering logs.

Major Enhancements to Webhooks

We’ve released some major enhancements to webhooks along with updated documentation for the new SSH key management interface and our v2 API.

Webhooks let you know when stuff happens on your account, programatically. Think notifications, but for computers. All you need to do is setup a listener URL on your server and program that into your ExaVault webhook settings – you can start receiving webhook notifications right away!

We know you’re ready for these game-changing improvements to our webhooks functionality.

Here are the quick highlights, with more details below:

  • Faster notifications.
  • Ability to configure multiple webhooks.
  • Receive more detailed info.
  • New ability to filter and sort your webhooks logs.
  • View detailed debug data.
  • Ability to resend failed webhooks.
  • Token generation is even more secure.

Faster Webhooks 

We heard your feedback loud and clear that our webhooks weren’t always coming as quickly as they needed. To ensure we’re offering you the performance your business requires, our entire webhook infrastructure has been rebuilt to make webhooks faster. 

We’re now using a multi-tier queue — new webhook calls will now be prioritized over retries (e.g. due to an endpoint error), meaning webhooks will arrive considerably more quickly after you take an action on our platform. 

Set Multiple Endpoints

You can now set multiple endpoint URLs in a single account. Previously, you were limited to only one endpoint. Set up multiple webhooks which can be set to watch specific folders, rather than your whole account. (*Multiple endpoints are only available on our MFT Advanced and Enterprise accounts.)

Specify your webhooks endpoint.

More Detailed Responses

We’re also offering much more detailed information with each request. You can now see the timestamp of events and detailed information about affected files and folders.

Example of detailed information with webhooks request.

Filter & Sort Logs

Improved webhooks logs not only provide more data on sent webhooks, but include the ability to filter and sort the logs. You can filter A-Z, Z-A, and partial and exact text matches for columns.

Better Debug Data

Along with filtering logs, our newly designed webhooks provide better data to help debug and troubleshoot if needed. Click ‘Details’ to see what we sent and what you sent back.

Webhooks details.

Webhook logs also give you the option to manually resend failed webhooks to make testing easy. We’ll also notify you if an endpoint goes down for a day.

Secure Tokens

Token generation is more secure, no longer tied to time and account ID.

To set up webhooks, go to My Account → Developer tab, and scroll down below API keys.

Find more information on webhooks in our developer documentation.

Documentation for New SSH Key Interface

Updated docs are now available for the new SSH key management interface, which we announced last month.

SSH key management interface.

API v2.0 Documentation

Our API v2 documentation has also been updated to include new endpoints that allow you to view, create, and delete user’s SSH Keys programmatically.

For a quick overview of the interface, check out our introduction to SSH key management video.

For faster webhooks and other great features, start your free trial of ExaVault today!

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