Using Netsarang XFTP Client With Your ExaVault FTP Site

Published on 16 Mar 2020

XFTP is client software made by publisher Netsarang Computer for Windows users. Version XFTP 6 provides effortless file transfers with your FTP site. Use XFTP with your ExaVault account to get the best business file transfer solution.

Getting Started With XFTP

To get started, go to the XFTP page on the Netsarang website and select the download button. Input your product key or sign up to start your free trial evaluation of the FTP client software. You’ll get full access to all features so you can really evaluate the product during your trial.

Netsarang XFTP 6 client download page.

If you are downloading the XFTP 30 day evaluation, you will receive a download link via email that will let you begin the process. Once the download completes, go ahead and run the installer.

XFTP client installer.

Then go through the steps:

  • Start the Install Wizard
  • Review the Privacy Policy
  • Enter your information (username, company name & serial number)
  • Choose destination location for install files
  • Select the program folder

After the installer completes, you can open and run XFTP on your computer.

XFTP setup display.

Connecting Your ExaVault Account With XFTP

When you start XFTP, the main application will open as well as a Sessions box. In the sessions box, use the New button to establish a connection to your ExaVault account. Enter your ExaVault credentials for the name and host. SFTP is the default protocol. Then enter your ExaVault username and password. Hit connect to see the ExaVault connections. Finally, select your account and double-click to establish a connection.

In the example below, we have connected to our ExaVault Fast Banana Marketing account.

Connecting to ExaVault account with XFTP.

Transferring Files

With the XFTP client, you’ll be presented with an easy to understand dual-pane application. The left pane features your computer content. The right pane features your ExaVault account. 

Downloading is simple. Use the drag and drop functionality to grab a folder and drop it to your desktop. A progress readout shows up below in the transfers box. This lets you know how your file transfers are going.

XFP dual pane application screenshot.

You can select multiple files and folders to transfer. Then, expand the transfers box so you can see more of what’s going on. XFTP shows you the transfer process in real-time. 

Larger folders full of files may take a while to download. Expand the contents of the folders in the transfers box to check status or see where there is a holdup.

View file transfer status in XFTP application.

With XFTP, you can add an upload from your computer to the ExaVault account while downloads are still going. If you see that a specific download is taking a while, you can go ahead and remove it from the list. This allows the rest of your transfers to complete quickly.

Additional XFTP Features

There are a variety of useful menu items in the XFTP application, including key managers and the ability to synchronize folders.

List of additional tools available with the XFTP client.

If using the synchronize feature, there are some options you can adjust to meet your needs. There is also a logs tab down in the transfers box. Check logs to find useful information about your SFTP session. Logs include any errors, which can be handy for troubleshooting. 

If you get stuck, you can access the help library from the menu. There is also a helpful XFTP online Wiki designed to provide the information you need to get on your way. 

Why ExaVault + XFTP?

XFTP is an ideal client software for Windows users to pair with their ExaVault accounts. It is simple to install, provides SFTP support for secure file transfer and keeps you easily connected to all the files stored in your ExaVault account.

For more information on XFTP for your ExaVault account, visit our Introduction to XFTP support page.

Looking for a secure FTP site? Try ExaVault today!

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