Streamline File Sharing With RESTful API Integration

Published on 25 Jan 2018 - Updated on 08 Feb 2022

Sometimes, you just need things to work, and you need them to work automatically. For a simple scheduled file transfer, SFTP automation might be good enough. But what about when you need to do more than just upload, download or delete files? 

File sharing with API integrations.

When you need more from your workflow than just uploading files, it's time to consider using an API. Our RESTful API provides a variety of operations that allows you to:

  • Control user records.
  • Get information about activity in your account.
  • Perform advanced file operations, such as compressing or copying files.
  • Work with your shared resources or create new ones.
  • Setup and manage notifications.

Off and Running with API Integrations

Starting your first API integration can seem daunting, so we’re here to offer all the help you'll need. Our online RESTful API documentation is comprehensive and includes tutorials to guide you every step of the way. Plus, we’ll be there with actual human support when you get stuck.

Leverage our API to manage your storage space, control direct file sharing, create users and more. With our robust standalone API, you can integrate simple widgets or a full-blown file management interface. FTP customers can fully integrate the ExaVault interface– including our sharing interface– into their website, allowing file sharing directly with your website visitors.

Sample integrations showing a few customers who integrated our upload forms into their websites.

Complete File Sharing & User Permission Control

Manage your files and folders easily with our API for standard operations like moving, copying and deleting. Then, go further with enhanced file operation - compress files or extract them from zip archives, copy entire folder trees to new locations with a single request, or even generate thumbnail images for previewable file types. 

The API offers full control of your users and their permissions, even associated SSH keys. From creating user accounts automatically as a roll-your-own single-sign-on to automatically blocking users in order to maintain corporate compliance, our API gives you the tools to manage access to your business SFTP account.

ExaVault developer set up interface for API.

Stay on top of security and limit user API access only to specific users. Our web file manager interface provides access to provision API keys and access tokens in just a few clicks. It's just as fast to revoke or rotate keys as needed. Keep control of your account where it belongs.

Resilience and Robustness

Let's face it, sometimes automation fails. Internet connections are interrupted, servers get rebooted, passwords get changed and disks get full. When your SFTP automation doesn't work, how much technical staff time is spent getting things back up and running again? How many orders are delayed or lost because there's no built-in redundancy for a scheduled download job? 

Using a RESTful API integration, it's possible to watch for and recover from errors that might go undetected in a scheduled task or batch script. Standardized error messaging and reporting make it easy to diagnose problems quickly - before they become larger problems.

RESTful API error message sample.

RESTful API Documentation

For code samples, a walkthrough of how to load your API key and specific API integration for your online hosted FTP & SFTP account with ExaVault, check out our documentation section. 

Published SDKs and example scripts in 5 common programming languages are available. The information to get you up and running with our API is easily available – we’ve filled our GitHub account with code samples for several languages.

RESTful API documentation code samples for several languages.

Check out our sample scripts for how to:

  • Add new users to your account.
  • Upload files using the API (rather than SFTP/FTP).
  • Monitor your account's space usage.
  • Report on activity, specifically failed user logins.
  • Generate a details list of users in your account.
  • Create a new shared folder.
  • Add notifications to a folder in your account.
  • Download several files at once.
  • Create a compressed archive of multiple files.

Do all this and more, programatically. Leverage powerful developer tools and start setting up RESTful API integrations to get the most out of your file transfer solution. 

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