Streamline File Sharing With RESTful API Integration

Published on 25 Jan 2018

Streamline your business’s internal operations with our RESTful API integration for our cloud-hosted FTP & SFTP services. A well-designed API makes it easier to develop a program and keep access to specific information in the hands of those with permissions.

Use our API tools for rapid integration and automation of your file transfer and storage needs. Our RESTful API provides a variety of operations that allows you to:

  • Control user records.
  • Get information about activity in your account.
  • Operate with your folders and files.
  • Work with your shared resources or create new ones.
  • Setup and manage notifications.

Powerful FTP Solutions Using APIs

If you still think that API integration is a long and complicated process, we’re here to help you get started. Our online RESTful API documentation is comprehensive and includes tutorials to help you every step of the way, and we’ll be there to help you when you get stuck with actual human support.

Leverage our API to manage your storage space, control direct file sharing, create users and more. With our robust standalone API, you can integrate simple widgets or a full-blown file management interface. Our FTP customers can fully integrate the ExaVault interface, including our sharing interface, into their website. Allowing file sharing directly with your website visitors, without making them first come to ExaVault.

Complete File Sharing & User Permission Control

The level of access each account user needs can take real effort to work through if you have to set things up manually and remember who, where and what documents. Use our API to make things better and life easier!

Manage your files and folders easily with our API for standard operations like moving, copying and deleting. Plus, get the functionality you want to control user management of your Business SFTP account.

How to manage API keys in your ExaVault account.

The first step is the API key. Let’s get those interfaces talking. It’s easy to obtain and manage your API keys with ExaVault. Our online FTP & SFTP hosting solutions allow you to set up and authenticate your custom API key in a few easy steps so you can start downloading files and creating users.

Easy File Security

Your files and folders are secure with our FTP cloud storage backed by our enterprise-grade security. And you won’t have to worry about who’s seeing your business data – our API can take care of that. Use our API to set up granular permissions for access to files, folders or subfolders. What’s next is up to you.

RESTful API Documentation

For code samples, a walkthrough of how to load your API key and specific API integration for your online hosted FTP & SFTP account with ExaVault, check out our documentation section. We have the information to get you up and running with our API – we’ve filled our GitHub account with code samples for several languages. Now you’re ready to start!

ExaVault code samples on GitHub.

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