Taking a Look at SSH Keys & Account Usage

Published on 02 Feb 2021

We’ve released a new UI for managing SSH keys, along with a new dashboard designed to give you visibility into your account usage. Find out more below, then sign in to your account and check out these new features.

SSH Key Management Interface

We’ve massively improved SSH key management. SSH keys are now displayed directly in our app, instead of inside authorized_keys files in folders, making it easier to use your own keys. Create, manage, and track key activity all in one location.

SSH key management interface.

With this update, we’ve switched from storing SSH keys in your folder directory to storing them securely within a database. The now deprecated folders have been renamed “authorized_keys_legacy_import.” Any existing keys have already been migrated to our database.

For additional details on this project check out SSH Key Management Made Easy.

Account Usage Dashboard

Our new account usage dashboard provides visibility into what’s happening on your account. You can track storage, users, and transactions in an easy-to-understand graph.

Storage and users are a current summary, whereas transactions can be displayed for a past-24 hours and past-30 days period. No longer a black hole of information you can’t see. Instead, there’s a handy graph that shows your account usage for transactions.

Account usage dashboard.

Transactions usage graph.

For those of you who like notifications, you can easily sign up to be sent an email alert when your transaction usage is approaching its limit.

Go to My Account → Preferences Tab

Transactions usage notifications.

For additional information on account usage see our support documentation:

Connectivity Limits

Daily Transaction Limits

Access Help In-App Anytime

If you ever need help using our app, we’ve also recently updated our in-app help menu. Find help library topics related to where you are in the application. Interactive tutorials for new users and buttons to contact support are just a click away.

In-app help menu.

Learn more in our post on Interactive Tools Improve Support Visibility for Clients.

To take advantage of these new features and more, sign up and start your free trial today!

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