Sort & Search Your Way to Better File Management

Published on 24 Apr 2016

Is searching for documents the bane of your existence? Has time spent sorting files and folders impacted your daily workflow? Here are some tips for searching and sorting in our file manager.

Here in the US, we’re slowly digging ourselves out of winter. The grass is starting to grow and trees beginning to bloom. As nature sorts itself out, we’re here to help you sort out your ExaVault account. Spring cleaning is great for your online files and folders too!

Assorted Sorting

You have a lot of important files in your account and sometimes it can be hard to wade through them all. Sorting your files and folders is one simple and easy way to quickly find what you’re looking for.

To begin, click on the “View” button in the file manager.

Choose how to view your files and folders.

The default is set to “Timeline” view. The timeline view sorts by date, grouped with indicators that say things like “This Month,” “This Week,” or “Older Than One Month.” Use the drop-down menu to select how you would like your files and folders organized in the file manager. You can sort by name, date, size, type, or timeline.

Options menu for viewing files and folders.

You can also view your files as a list or as a gallery with thumbnails available for certain types of files such as most image files including .png and .jpg files. Gallery is a more visual view that makes it easier for some people to find files quickly while having them sorted by date or name.

Sorting is useful, but can only show you what’s in the folder you are currently looking at. Next up, search.

Advanced Search and Sort

Businesses often have multiple levels of folders in their file storage spaces. If you don’t know all the subfolders in a folder tree, it can be quite cumbersome to manually search for specific files. You can use our search and sort features together for enhanced file management.

Start with the search field located near the top right of the web interface.

Search files and folders in the web interface.

For example, you can use the search field to list out all your files with a certain file extension. Then, go back to the view menu to sort the files. Here we searched for all our .pdf files and are using the Timeline view to show .pdf files uploaded in the last week.

Once a search is complete, you can sort the results by size to find a large file. Or any of the view options that will optimize viewing and locating the file you need.

Spring Cleaning

If you’re anything like us, you have files and folders in your account that have been in there for way longer than you care to admit. These files are simply taking up space. Use the search and sort techniques to sort through folders, locate the largest files in your account, and remove them if they are no longer needed. Save time, save space.

For more tips on getting your account spruced up, check out our video with tips to help you organize your folders and users.

Ready to get organized with file transfer built for your business?

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