SFTP Hosting Advantages Over In-house Server Hosting

Published on 24 Nov 2020

When you need SFTP transfer services, nothing else will do. Many legacy systems explicitly require SFTP for secure file transfer. You can install and maintain your own SFTP service, or you can purchase hosted SFTP from a Software-as-a-Service provider.

Computers connecting to SFTP servers.

What does SFTP Hosting mean?

When you choose SFTP hosting, your files are stored on the provider’s servers, which you and your customers connect to via SFTP. There’s no extra network configuration required for your own organization’s firewall because the host manages the network connections to the service.

What You Get with SFTP Hosting

What do you get when you purchase hosting from an external provider? A hosted SFTP service offers you secure file transfer protocol support plus the following basic functionality.

User Management

Hosted SFTP providers allow you to create multiple user accounts with different access levels. Creating users ensures individuals only access the information you allow.

Some providers include the ability to assign security groups or roles to individuals to streamline setting up accounts.

Access Logs

Your SFTP Hosting provider will offer activity log history. Logs show when and how users accessed the system and what changes were made. Often activity log information can be downloaded from the provider’s system and archived for auditing later.

Secure File Transfers

Transfers using your SFTP hosting service are encrypted and secure, unlike unencrypted FTP transfers. 

Advantages of Purchasing SFTP Hosting

There are several reasons to purchase hosted SFTP from a SaaS provider rather than running your own server. The most compelling advantages of purchasing SFTP hosting over running your own SFTP are:

  • It’s cheaper: Relying on an SFTP Hosting provider means that your technical staff doesn’t have to spend time or money taking care of another server. 
  • It’s easy to start: Getting started with hosted SFTP is usually a matter of minutes. Your account is typically ready to use right away.
  • It’s more reliable:  SFTP hosting providers spend a lot of time making sure their servers perform admirably because the hosting for SFTP solutions is their organization’s primary purpose. 
  • More secure: New threats to servers and networks are continually evolving. System administrators for SFTP hosting are prepared to meet them and keep your data secure. Providers follow security best practices and vigorously defend their systems and SFTP server against attackers.
  • It does more: At its core level, SFTP does not provide very much functionality – you can interact with files on a remote server (uploading, downloading, deleting, and renaming). Most SFTP hosting providers include much-needed enhancements beyond the basics for their customers, such as automated email alerts, file searching, advanced file operations such as compression, and more.

Your SFTP Hosting Solution

Choosing a hosted over an in-house solution is an excellent choice for any organization. Many companies offer secure FTP hosting options. What makes ExaVault SFTP hosting the best choice for your business?

Simple fixed monthly fees

Unlike other hosted SFTP providers, ExaVault does not rely on overage fees in its pricing model. The monthly or annual account fee is the total amount you pay with no surprise fees added.

Enterprise-grade security

ExaVault’s hardware and software stacks are designed for security first. We use best-in-class carrier-grade data centers to house all your data, which are SOC 2 Type 1/2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Web-based Interface

In addition to secure SFTP transfers, ExaVault’s service includes a secure web application for web-based transfers that don’t require the installation of specialized SFTP software. 

Full custom branding

Customers should see your logo, not your hosting service’s when they interact and share files with your company. ExaVault provides branded emails and web views for your account. You can even embed our web application within your website domain.

Full-featured API

ExaVault’s RESTful API allows you to automate all aspects of your account, including user management, file and folder changes, and generating secure access to web-based file sharing.

Possibly one of the most important choices you will make about your SFTP service is whether to purchase hosted SFTP or “roll your own” FTP server internally.

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