Styling, Layout & Functionality Updates for Settings

Published on 07 Sep 2021

You’ll want to check out our revamped and restyled settings plus a first look at the redesigned system emails your users and clients will get then you share files.

Revamped Account Settings

The settings in our application have been restyled, including updated layout and functionality. Easily find the settings you want to adjust from account preferences to billing, custom branding, and more.

Updated settings page for preferences.

Additional preferences for admin users are separated out to keep things streamlined. Look for tabs to review and update preferences for communications as well as on the user and account level, based on your permissions.

New tabs separating user and account preferences.

Best of all, a major revamp of Email Lists. Our Email Lists make it easy to send and share files to groups of people without needing to add them every time. We’ve updated the email lists to a table structure, added a note field, and a new edit modal for updating your lists.

New email lists settings page.

The edit modal lets you add emails, name your lists, include a note, even delete, for total email list management.

Email list edit modal.

Log in now and make sure your settings and preferences are exactly how you want them!

Log in now >> 

Restyled System Emails

Cleaner and restyled -- emails will now look a little bit different for users. This includes emails for shares, notifications, password resets, and welcome emails. 

Example of restyled system email.

Go ahead, invite colleagues to download shared files, or add new users and let the welcome emails fly.

SMS Option for Multi-Factor Authentication

There's one more product update we wanted to share. Recently we released multi-factor authentication for our web application using an authenticator app. Now SMS is an available option for added security when logging into your account.

SMS option for multi-factor authentication.

Go to My Account → Preferences tab to set up multi-factor authentication.

Or, read our blog on Bringing Multi-Factor Authentication to ExaVault. It's not only an additional security measure to protect your account and business files, but one we intend to keep improving.

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