ExaVault Pricing Changes

Published on 26 Apr 2021

We’ve updated our plans & pricing.

Plan & Pricing Changes

We have recently changed our available plans and pricing for new customers to better reflect the state of the product as we continue to provide new features and services.

For existing clients on Business, Business Pro, Pro+, and other legacy plans, we want to give a heads up so you can review the new plans and pricing.

New Plans

Going forward most new features will only be available on the new plans, and we’re planning to move all clients to the new plan structure soon. We will be reaching out to talk about the timeframe and options for switching to a new plan. 

The new pricing structure has four plans: Essential, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. We offer straightforward pricing and additional discounts for annual billing.

View plans and pricing here: https://www.exavault.com/pricing/

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