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Published on 16 Nov 2018 - Updated on 23 Jan 2020

Another month of feature improvements and website updates is in the books. We wanted to let you know about a few of the changes just released in the application. And if you haven’t switched over and tried out our new interface, now is the perfect time to check it out.

Optimized for Faster Load Times

We’ve made some behind the scenes improvements to make our software load faster and more smoothly. The biggest change this month is optimizing how we package the code for our new web interface, which reduces the download required so that everything loads much more quickly. We’re seeing a 30% improvement in download size across the app, with a 50% improvement in some sections!

If you haven’t yet switched to our new web interface, you can do so from the settings section in our software.

Multiple Users Easier to Navigate

Accounts with lots of users are now easier to manage, as the users admin page is now ‘paginated’ — you can load a portion of your users on the screen. In our new interface, select the number of users to show per page. Easily find specific users by going directly to any page with the updated pagination feature.

Does your account have 600 users? You can view up to 200 users per page, or stick with 10 and navigate directly to any page.

Updated pagination feature in users interface.

Additional Context for Shares

We’ve added additional information to our share view — your clients can now see the name of the folder you’ve shared, as well as metadata ( time, file size, etc. ) about the files they’re looking it. We hope this will be particularly helpful for people who need to access multiple shares at once.

Take a look at the new view:

Shared folder view in file management application.

Improved Share Inputs

Finally, our recipient email input now accepts many more types of lists so you can copy and paste in long lists of recipients. ExaVault puts no limits on what you can accomplish!

Ready to see for your yourself? Try ExaVault today!

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