Account IP Restrictions and MFA for FTP

Published on 13 Oct 2021

Nothing says welcome to Q4 better than a bunch of feature enhancements and updates. Find out more about our improved IP whitelisting plus the next addition to multi-factor authentication -- now available for FTP. And if you’re still using our v1.2 API, we’ve included information on the upcoming sunset of that version. 

Upgraded Interface for IP Restrictions

IP whitelisting is one of those very useful features that often gets overlooked. But, we’ve made it even better and easier to manage especially for those who have rather large lists of approved IP addresses. 

First, manage your IP lists in a modal. The clean interface allows you to view and update lists, without having to worry about losing information. 

Account IP restrictions.

We also added a note field for IP lists. Keep track of IPs for those working from home, those with temporary access, or any other tidbit of information to help you group and keep track of those IP addresses. 

Account IP restrictions modal with note field.

To set up or manage your IP whitelist log in to ExaVault, go to My AccountPreferences → and select the Account sub-tab at the top. 

Navigate to My Account in your ExaVault account.

Navigate to account preferences portal.

Log in now >>

Multi-Factor for FTP

Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for your account and it’s now available for FTP as well as the web application. 

Require MFA for FTP and account access.

Set up multi-factor for your account in a few simple steps. Individuals can set it up for their login, or admin users can require multi-factor for all users on the account. 

Select authenticator application or SMS as the additional verification. For FTP we recommend using an authenticator app.

Note: If you already have MFA enabled for the web application and would like to enable it for FTP, you’ll need to turn off the bypass by unchecking “Allow S/FTP users to bypass MFA authentication.” Otherwise multi-factor authentication will remain set up only for access via the web app.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be set up under My AccountPreferences. Add MFA for your login under the User tab, or Require MFA for All Users under the Account tab. 

Set up MFA >>

Additional Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where zipping files wasn't showing a dialog box.
  • Fixes to correct and show the right data for inactive users.
  • Fixed sends showing as completed with no files attached.
  • Corrected issue with being unable to remove delivery receipts on shares.
  • Small improvements to GET /sshkeys responses.
  • Navigational bugs on mobile fixed.

API 1.2 Sunset

If you currently have an active API integration on version 1.2 of our API, this version will sunset on January 17th 2022. You’ll want to take steps to update to our 2.0 version of the API.

Island sunset over ocean.

We are encouraging developers to act now to move to the 2.0 version of the API.

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