Notifications, Dragging and Dropping, and More

Published on 21 Jan 2016

Welcome to 2016! We hope your start of this new year has been as fantastic as ours has. Once again, we’re here to regale you with tales of ExaVault, so let’s get into it.

Always Be In The Know

Set up notifications to be alerted when a user does an action.

You probably already know about Delivery Receipts when you send a file via ExaVault. Did you know you can also also create Notifications on any file or folder in your account, even if they aren’t shared?
Let’s say you are waiting for your coworker to upload the quarterly projections into a folder. With Notifications, you can skip checking the folder manually, and instead be emailed when the document is uploaded.
To do this, just right click any file or folder, then select “add notification.” You can even specify to only be alerted when a specific user does an action!

Upload Even Faster, With Less Clicks

Upload files with drag and drop.

You’re looking at a file on your computer – it’s right there. You want to get it into ExaVault, but it’s in some deep folder that you don’t want to find again. Good news, hypothetical person! You’re just a drag away.
Just drag any file or folder that is in your File Explorer (or Finder) onto the file portion ExaVault interface. You can even drag things into a folder without first navigating into that folder! You just saved precious seconds that you can use later to find where you put your car keys.

Natural Selection

Must-select drag and drop.

Have you ever had the burning desire to move multiple files into a folder at once? All you have to do is use the checkboxes on the right of each file or folder to select multiple items. You’ll notice that you can also send or download specific files using multi-select. You can even select multiple files to drag and drop them into folders!

We have a lot to show you later this year, and we hope you’re as excited to see what we’ve been cooking up as we are to show you. We’re going to get back to work on those new features that we’re making now.

Ready to enjoy our new interface?

Try ExaVault today!

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