New Website, New Support & Developer Resources

Here in the US, we’re in the middle of summer. The days are long and hot, but we’ll keep this post short and cool so you can have more time to make use of the extra daylight.

New Website, Better Resources

You may have noticed our website changed in the past month. We’ve made it responsive, so it’ll work on your phones and tablets, but more exciting are the updates we’ve made to our documentation resources for you. First off, let’s take a look at our Support section.
One of our goals with the new website was to make sure that the support on our website was as good as our support staff. We went through all of our help topics page by page and restructured them so you can find your information faster. We also reworded everything that might have been confusing to make it as easy to get the help you need as possible.If you are you looking for a user manual to pass along to your staff, you can point them here.

Support Section

As a reminder, you can also search our extensive support section, so you can find exactly what you need without having to dig around.

Getting Started, Now With Videos

Another thing we’ve done is created new resources for onboarding users. We know that some folks don’t want to read a manual, but would rather put their feet up and watch a quick video to help them learn. To that end, we’ve made three intro videos for your new users.
ExaVault welcome videos.
The first one reviews general features from uploading to sharing, the second covers user permissions and FTP, and the third shows account settings and rebranding for account administrators. You can find the videos here.

Developers, Developers, Developers

As part of the new website, we’ve also massively upgraded our developer resources. Along with a new coat of paint, you can now search our developer documentation and see an outline of content, including sample API responses.Developer Section

As with the support section, we added more content and made sure everything was up to date. If you are yourself a developer, or have a developer on your staff, make sure to take a look at our developer resources section to see how you can deeply integrate ExaVault into your company’s workflow. You can find that here.