New Summer Features from ExaVault!

Throw on the AC and get ready! It’s time to get down to business with some new ExaVault features.

View Images Using Gallery Mode

Do you need a quick way to view a folder of images without having to preview each one individually? In your image directory, simply click on the gallery mode button to view all of your images as thumbnails.

Archive and Extract Files

An oft requested feature is the ability to archive files in Zip format as well as decompress Zip files within the file manager, without having the need to do so before uploading the files. Well, now you can. To compress a group of files, select some files and then click the “Compress” button, which will bring up a dialog to create a new archive.

archive and compress files in your ExaVault account

To decompress a Zip file located on your account, bring up the context menu and select “extract” — your files will be extracted to the current working directory. show context menu on zip file and choose extract to access file

ExaVault Is Now on GitHub!

Since opening up our API last month, we have made a number of small improvements to our API and we are now hosting our API client library code on GitHub. In addition to PHP, we now provide ExaVault API developers with ready-to-use API libraries written in C#, Java and Python. And for those that haven’t yet given ExaVault’s developer tools a try, head on over to our Developer page for more information and for instructions on how to obtain your very own API key.

Stay tuned… More is on its way!

We’ve got even more up our sleeves here at ExaVault. This month, we will continue to improve upon our web application and mobile interface. If you have any thoughts on how we can make your experience better, please let us know at Your feedback is important to us, and we appreciate the input. We know that without people like you, we wouldn’t be here!