New Features – Restrict by IP and More

In the US, we’re firmly entrenched in summer. You know what that means: Barbecues, vacations, and sipping cold drinks outside. It doesn’t get much better than that; unless, of course, you’re using ExaVault. And we’re here all year – take that, summer.

IP Restrictions – Like a (friendly) Digital Bouncer

We’ve introduced a feature that will allow Account Managers to say what IP ranges can access your accounts, from the web interface to FTP/SFTP. You can even allow multiple IP ranges!ip restrictions by setting up specific ip ranges to allow login

New API Features – Shares and Notifications

This one’s for all you folks who use our API (and if you aren’t, what are you waiting for?)
Basically, what this allows you to do is programatically create, edit, remove and get activity from shares and notifications. This allows you to build our storage into any application you are building and now get the sharing and notification functionality built right in as well.better apps with integration
For a deep dive on these new features,  take a look at our API documentation section.
Stay safe out there, ExaVaultians. Remember the three rules: always hydrate, be careful with lighter fluid, and use ExaVault to store the barbecue pictures.