New Domain Features, Expiring File Shares & More

Published on 24 Aug 2016

We’re here with some cool new features and cooler tips. Oh, and if it’s not hot where you are, these tips will also warm you up. They’re like the icy-hot of the file sharing world.

Download Whole Folders

Everyone knows you can download files, but did you know you can also download whole folders? In our web interface, just right click on any folder and select download.

We’ll automatically .zip up your folders and all contents (including any sub-folders) and send that archive right over.

Download folder select.

If you’re using an FTP client, you can download folders by nearly the same steps as our web interface. It’s nice when things work the way you want them to.

Expiring File Shares

Have you wanted to set up a share to only last a week? A month? Well, you can – and without having to manually disable the share. When looking at settings for a share, you’ll see expiration at the bottom the share screen.

Expiration date on file share.

If you made a mistake when setting up the share expiration, don’t worry about it. We all make mistakes. You can either change the expiration date or clear the expiration altogether.

Be the Master of Your Domain

Are you already using the custom domain feature to embed ExaVault into your website? Want to ExaVault to send notification emails from your own domain as well? Well, we have you covered. Just head on over to your account settings and enable your custom email address. We’ve also made it so you can verify the email address so the notification emails don’t end up caught in spam filters.

Custom system email setup.

Don’t have Custom Domain support? You may need to upgrade your account. For that, and the other great features you can get, see our pricing page.
As always, if you have any questions for us (or just want to say hello!) feel free to contact us. All of our details are on our contact page.

— The ExaVault Team

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