Make Apps With ExaVault’s New API

Published on 06 May 2014

Now you have even more reasons to keep yourself glued to your computer or mobile device: some great new ExaVault features including developer tools!

Introducing: ExaVault Developer Tools

We are pleased to announce the first release of our developer tools! Though some of you got an early sneak-peek last month with our beta release, our engineers have been hard at work getting our suite of file and user management tools ready for the big time, and now we feel that time has arrived. It’s time for you to dive in and check out our new developer tools.

ExaVault API client written in PHP.

Are you interested in automating file uploads, or perhaps creating several users on the fly? These possibilities and more are now a reality when utilizing our API tools. In order to obtain your API key and get started building apps, head on over to our new developer section for more information.

Authenticate to the API.

More Mobile Features

In addition to the release of our Developer tools, we were busy adding more handy features to our mobile application. To bring the mobile experience closer to our full-featured web app, we have included the ability to both move, copy and rename files, as well as the ability to create folders. Additionally, we have improved the Shared Folder view to make it easier and more enjoyable for mobile use.

Ready to use our API? Try ExaVault today!

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