Exclusive Webinar and New FTP Client Docs

Published on 05 Nov 2019

We hosted an exclusive webinar with Instana, a premier application performance monitoring vendor, about the work we’ve done with them to monitor and improve our service.

Other updates include new support docs for more of your favorite FTP clients. Get the details below.

ExaVault & Instana Webinar

Are you interested in application performance monitoring? In November we were thrilled to co-sponsor a webinar with Instana, who develops application performance monitoring software which we’ve been using very successfully for the last several months.

Watch Now!

This exclusive webinar features our Senior Backend Engineer, Tom Fite, along with Jon Skog from Product Marketing at Instana. We’ll discuss application monitoring and the improvements it’s allowed at ExaVault. Optimizing our customers’ experience through preventing and resolving alerts in our system is an important aspect of providing you with the best service possible.

We worked very hard with Instana to make this webinar a success, and we appreciate all the hard work that both Tom and Jon put in.

ExaVault + Instana.

Behind the Scenes

Before you watch the webinar, here’s a behind the scenes preview of our work with Instana. See how we set up and use the Instana SDK to meet our specific application performance monitoring goals. 

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Application monitoring on multiple screens.

On-Site Introductions to Even More FTP Clients

Looking for a new FTP client? Get an introduction to 15+ clients compatible with ExaVault. Learn their main features, how to install, and more without having to search the internet.

List of FTP client support docs.

Learn More

These are just some of the clients you can choose from for your FTP and SFTP file transfers – we let you connect however you like. 

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