Get More From Your FTP Account With Widgets

Published on 14 Mar 2018 - Updated on 09 Feb 2020

With branded file share and unlimited users, take your business FTP account to the next level with widgets.

What the Widgets?

Do you want more control over your file sharing including allowing your visitors to deposit files directly into your ExaVault FTP account? Not all FTP providers allow this. Did you know ExaVault has a fantastic form builder you can customize and embed an upload control directly into your site? We do!

Check out our widgets and enhance your ExaVault FTP account with cool customizable features to make your branded file shares all about your business, not ours.

From simple HTML drop-in widgets to advanced widgets you can directly integrate into your site, ExaVault has the widget options to help you get the most out of your FTP solution.

Drag and Drop With Widgets

ExaVault offers world-class FTP and SFTP with custom branded file sharing, so your business shows on all your file transfers. Top that off with a fancy file uploader widget from developers for developers. Integrate the ExaVault file uploader straight into your app or website.

ExaVault uploader widgets, drag and drop example.

You can find code sample in our API documentation and easily integrate widgets on your website. Users who come to your site will be able to share large files with the familiar “Drag and Drop” action.

For advanced users and developers, we provide a range of options and Javascript callback functions that you can use. Our client, Contact Printing & Mailing LTD, has successfully integrated this feature on their website. You can see it in action by following this link.

Customization Options

Custom branding is available. Use Custom CSS to modify fonts, colors, and backgrounds to make the widget look like your website. Branded file share is the perfect way to let your business name and logo shine, while securely storing and sharing large files with hosted FTP.

Integrate Shared Folders Anywhere

There are many cases when you need to transfer files directly on your site, and ExaVault has the solution for that, including receive folders with customizable forms. Fully integrate the ExaVault file sharing interface, that will allow access to direct file sharing with your website visitors if you choose. Following the guidelines in our developer section, you can easily integrate the shared folder with the Custom CSS settings.

Real-Time Notifications

Your Receive/Share Folder also has customizable functions. One of the most valuable features is real-time notifications. Select “Add Notification” to be alerted when someone uploads a file.

There are two unique options for these notifications:

  • Get a notification when files have been uploaded/downloaded
  • Choose who gets notified when files are uploaded/downloaded

Switch on the notifications you need so that you never miss a client upload or download again. You will get messages via email so you can quickly check them anywhere you access your email – desktop, mobile, tablet.

Real-time notifications setup - choose who gets notified.

From enhanced custom branding to real-time notifications, get easy drag and drop file uploading and more with widgets.

It’s time to embed widgets on your own website – Try ExaVault today!

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