Benefits of Connecting With an FTP Server Online

Published on 10 Sep 2020

Whether you’re working with a marketing company, collaborating on projects across departments, or taking orders from customers, an effective way to collect and manage that data can have a considerable impact on your business’ ability to function. Connecting with an FTP server online is a simple and cost-effective solution to your file sharing needs.

Man using laptop to access an FTP server online.

What Is an Online FTP Server?

An FTP server is a dedicated space where you can store or transfer files. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet. Using an FTP server online empowers you to take a file that’s on your computer, store it online, and share it with other people anywhere in the world on demand. 

The difference between an offline and online FTP server is whether or not your server has an internet connection. Offline FTP servers are far more limited; they only allow you to share files with those on the same closed network, generally in the same physical office. Online FTP servers and FTP hosting services make all of your data much more accessible to those with login credentials.

Why Use an FTP Server Online?

You’ve likely used or currently use your email to send files to other people. So, why would you need to use an FTP server online? Let’s look at five key benefits in favor of using an online FTP server.

1. File Size

File size is often the first major blocker people hit with file sharing as most email clients will have a cap on how large of a file you’re able to send. FTP servers likely will have either no limit or a drastically higher limit on the size of the file you’re able to upload.

2. Organization

Using an online FTP server, you can easily set up folders and put files in logical locations. Say your marketing team is working on a project to design a new logo. You can set up a dedicated folder for “Marketing” with another folder for “Logos” inside it. A solid folder structure makes it easy for team members to keep track of files.

3. Collaboration

Using the same example as above, you allow folks from different departments or locations to access that “Logos” folder on demand. Let other people add, modify, or delete files as needed to keep projects up to date. Shared folder collaboration is a significant improvement over that endless email chain of file revisions and tracking cc recipients.

4. Security

Sharing sensitive information online can always be a scary proposition. You may have specific data security guidelines you must adhere to, such as PCI DSS or GDPR. Every business wants to make sure their data is kept safe. Finding the right online FTP service to partner with can make all the difference. 

An FTP service with enterprise-grade security and top-notch physical security of their servers is vital. In addition, you can add security measures by using a more secure protocol such as SFTP or FTPS to protect your data. 

5. Simplicity

Using new technology can feel daunting, but using an FTP server online doesn’t have to be. For example, ExaVault has built an intuitive and easy to use interface, making the file transfer process feel like second nature in no time.

Are you looking for a secure FTP service that supports SFTP & FTPS? Try ExaVault Today!

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