FTP Hosting Solutions at ExaVault

Today practically every business needs to share files. Let’s explore investing in a secure FTP hosted account that enables you to unburden your in-house PC or laptop and mobile devices by uploading everything off-site to a reliable cloud infrastructure.

With a hosted FTP service like Exavault, you get many features that you don’t get with an in-house server. Our FTP hosting service includes unlimited file & folder transfer, activity notifications, unlimited users, granular file or folder access, secure protocol support and even custom branding. Or how about critical reporting on activity or managing the access of a user to files or folders. Traditional FTP services don’t always have this rich feature set come standard.

FTP hosting solutions include everyday business applications to facilitate communications, collaboration, E-commerce data exchanges, operations, and most importantly critical file transfers with clients.

When choosing an online FTP hosting service, you should pay attention to:

FTP Bandwidth

If your business is transferring large or voluminous graphics, large files and folders, and has a high amount of traffic or activity, you’re going to need decent bandwidth and disk space to facilitate sharing files with your team and customers. Exavault offers FTP hosting solutions with unlimited bandwidth in size tiers that suit your needs and make your life easier.

FTP Security

Security is a crucial concern. Choosing an FTP hosting provider without being informed about its available security features is a big mistake. When transferring files with ExaVault, you can use SFTP or FTP-SSL in addition to a standard FTP connection. By using a secure SFTP hosting service, the file transfer process is secured via an encrypted connection. All Exavault accounts can utilize secure connections at no additional cost.Customer support. People that are new to FTP server hosting or FTP, in general, could always use some good advice, especially with some more advanced technical issues. Choosing a service with 24/7 support is critical. Having direct support from an engineer is like gold to a small business. At ExaVault, we’re proud to offer 24/7 support and direct support from one of our passionate engineers.

FTP Storage Upgrade Ability

Always be sure to leave some room for your business to grow. When the time comes, and you need to expand your S/FTP storage size, it can be a pain to upgrade with some hosting providers. With Exavault you can upgrade your current account storage quickly with a few easy clicks or by calling us or dropping us a note at support.

Web File Manager Access to your FTP

Traditionally, FTP servers have been accessed via desktop applications or command prompt software. This doesn’t work so well in today’s high paced work environment. Today companies and their customers need to share lots of big files while managing access to them. At Exavault we have a simple to use, secure and well-designed web application. You’ll still have the option to access your FTP server directly using the desktop applications you’re familiar with should you need to.

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