FTP Hosting Services for Technology & IT Development

Published on 02 Nov 2018 - Updated on 22 Sep 2021

Professionals working in technology-related industries require file sharing and FTP hosting services that will keep work files secure. Full FTP & SFTP server hosting with world-class infrastructure and enterprise-grade security is the best solution for IT consulting and web development.

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What Makes a Great FTP Hosting Service?

With the right FTP hosting service, you get support to send large files via traditional FTP when required for connecting with legacy systems, plus secure protocols like SFTP or FTP-SSL. Full protocol support allows your team to set up automated transfers and reduces the need for your IT department or tech-savvy employees to spend time monitoring or troubleshooting FTP issues.

Top FTP hosting services include a web-based application and tools to facilitate online transfers for quick handoffs of data, one-off sharing of individual files, and file management tasks.

Choose a file to transfer online.

FTP & File Sharing Features Designed for IT

IT professionals don’t want to spend their time and mental resources tackling FTP and file sharing issues. They need a file sharing solution with features that free up their time and save the company money. Going with a hosted S/FTP solution keeps the server maintenance off your plate.

ExaVault FTP hosting services include secure data storage and file transfer. Plus, easy integration designed for developers by developers. Use our powerful API to make your file sharing solution work with your website. Top that off with a carrier-grade data center and fully redundant network to ensure secure file transfers no matter what.

Well-designed file sharing and management tools support the IT workflow. From unlimited users with a flexible permissions model to web-based file management that lets you access your files anytime from any device. It’s how today’s technology industry does business.

File Management with Activity Logs

The ability to easily manage files and folders on the go is just the beginning for IT professionals. Web-based file management lets you do all that and more in one place. Sign on to your business file sharing account any time to monitor and view activity logs. Check recent downloads and logins, account usage dashboards, webhooks logs, or activity in shared files.

Robust activity logs are essential in the technology industry. Keep on top of file shares with the ability to review recent uploads and downloads. Be in the know with ExaVault’s robust activity logs. Use the tools to drill down and get detailed insight regarding your account activity. Use filters to view activity by username, date, IP address, and more. Apply filters and export the resulting activity logs to CSV for internal records and reporting.

Robust activity logs filtered to show SFTP transfers.

Security – It Doesn’t Stop with SFTP

Get the best from your FTP hosting service with direct SFTP connections for uploading and transferring large files securely. SFTP requires authentication by the server and runs over an SSH session. SSH, also known as the secure shell, acts as a privacy layer surrounding the connection between computer and server. 

ExaVault allows you to restrict connections to secure methods. Enforce SFTP and HTTPS transfers, preventing users from uploading or downloading data to your account via traditional FTP.

System security option for secure only mode.

System security options also include enforcing complex passwords and account IP restrictions. IT professionals can manage IP restrictions directly in the online application. Quickly add or remove access by updating the approved set of IP address ranges.

The technology industry relies on advanced features to assist in getting things done faster and more efficiently. Especially when it comes to software. Setting up simple automations can help reduce manual file transfers. One way is by generating SSH keys for users to support passwordless logins from your FTP.  

SFTP + SSH keys are ideal for implementing system-to-system connections or routine file transfers that need to happen repeatedly. Allow your hosted FTP service to generate SSH keys for you or take complete control of your security by generating your own key and importing it into your account.

Create a new SSH key for passwordless login for your hosted FTP account.

There’s more to check out.

From SFTP and SSH Keys to Webhooks and Integrations -- check out our developers' section and discover why ExaVault for Technology & IT Development.

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