FTP Hosting & Branded File Sharing – A Match Made in Heaven

Published on 07 Feb 2018 - Updated on 04 Feb 2020

It’s February and we’re well on our way in a new year. And Valentine’s Day is next on the list. So, here’s a list of things we love about secure FTP hosting.

Heart shaped candy.

FTP Hosting Promotes File Sharing

Who doesn’t love sharing? A secure FTP solution with no per-user cost, allows you to share all you want. With ExaVault you can create as many users as you need for your cloud FTP account. Each user can have a unique password, custom account permissions and optional SSH key logins. That sounds pretty sweet.

Need to share large files? That’s a plus in our book too. We don’t love limits on how big files can be. Some businesses need 5 TB + SFTP storage access. We support this with high capacity storage for enterprise accounts.

FTP Servers Deserve Love Too

Servers for secure FTP hosting.

An FTP server can securely store files and communicate with multiple clients and users simultaneously. ExaVault offers FTP hosting on secure FTP servers. A hosted FTP service saves you money and time. Money you don’t have to spend on costly maintenance of an FTP server. That’s money you can use to buy more chocolates for your Valentine.

With web-based tools, you can access your hosted FTP or SFTP account when and where you need to, giving you time to plan that fancy dinner for two. You’re clear to focus on your Valentine because FTP hosting is monitored for you. You can even get notified of account activity in real-time. We have a team of engineers caring for your files stored in our FTP server.

Branded File Sharing Means More Love for Your Business

Next on our list is custom branding. With branded file sharing, your business name is what people see. Go ahead and take all the credit – shared folders and emails with your custom branding is something we love to see. Your clients and users will love it too.

Let us provide the FTP server and secure FTP hosting for your important documents and files. Then upload your logo into your account for branded file sharing throughout the interface and interactions with clients. From our business to yours, it really is a perfect match.

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