FTP Cloud Storage With Online File Management

Published on 26 Aug 2020

Are you struggling to meet the organizational, security, and technical needs of transferring and storing your business data? FTP cloud storage with online file management is the easy way to meet those needs.

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FTP Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is ideal for modern businesses around the world. FTP helps move large files over the internet and is key to connecting to many business software and hardware systems. Online file management is a crucial tool to organize data and keep files accessible. With FTP cloud storage, you get more than just a place to store your data.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is being able to access your files via a web-based interface. Your data may be stored in one or more data centers that house the various servers and other hardware needed to facilitate cloud storage. These servers have a physical location, but because you can access your data from anywhere, the location is on the internet or in the ‘cloud.’

Cloud storage is usually offered by a vendor or service provider. You pay the provider to ensure your data is safely stored. The best professional services also provide a modern web-interface to transfer and manage your files.

Using FTP

The FTP protocol is one way of sending files over the internet. FTP uses the client-server relationship to transfer files between your computer and a remote server. FTP is especially useful for uploading large amounts of data and works with most systems. 

For those concerned about the security of using FTP, there are more secure alternatives, such as SFTP and FTPS. Both of these offer levels of encryption not found with standard FTP. Premium service providers offer multiple modes of connection because FTP is well suited for many hardware and software applications. A compatible FTP client is often used to connect and transfer large files via FTP, SFTP, or FTPS

Online File Management

A web-interface is handy for checking on file status, downloading smaller files, and administrative tasks such as setting user permissions. FTP cloud storage with a web-based interface provides your whole organization with a powerful solution to file management. 

Working remotely or with international clients requires more flexibility in how and when individuals receive and share files. Accessing remote servers via the internet from your desktop or mobile device ensures you don’t need new hardware.

Using the online interface to access cloud FTP storage.

File management is more than just uploading and downloading files. Keeping files and folders organized is an important step. Simple ways to set up your folder structure include by department, by client, or by project. Once folders are set up, set up user permissions so individuals can access only the folder with files they are working on.

Benefits of a Cloud Solution With the Functionality of FTP

Choosing a cloud storage solution with FTP support allows you to perform necessary transfers, whether they require secure FTP or via the web interface. Employees can easily access files and perform uploads and downloads needed to support workflows. 

Additional benefits include increased security, lower cost, and scalability for your business to grow.

Increased Security 

Having a reputable cloud provider means your data will be maintained and in full compliance with the latest security protocols. There is less risk and less worry when your data is stored on secure FTP servers. Managing your account with passwords and permissions increases security when clients and employees access data in the cloud through online portals and mobile devices.

Lower Cost 

With cloud storage, you are not responsible for purchasing or maintaining any physical equipment. You save by having a single file sharing account that can store all of your files and support a variety of transfer protocols. 

Finally, it can be costly and often near impossible to update legacy systems that require FTP without impacting your business. FTP cloud storage keeps all of your systems working together.


Cloud services provide the ability to increase storage capacity as needed when your business grows — no scrambling to delete files or paying for way more storage space than you need.

Get secure FTP cloud storage with online file management for your business. Try ExaVault today!

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