Ensuring Your File Transfer Account Is Ready for Seasonal Traffic

Published on 09 Nov 2021

We’re looking at what the next few weeks have to bring. Find out if your account is ready for holiday changes and learn some of the ways you can customize your shares.

Are You Ready for Black Friday?

As the seasons change and holidays are just around the corner, we’re here to help you make sure everything goes smoothly with your file transfer account.

We've taken a look at our support tickets around this time the last couple of years, and have compiled a list of items to consider when preparing your online assets for increased activity. Historically, these are the things that have tripped people up during the holiday season, and similar issues might be averted with a few simple checks.

We want to help you get ahead of any possible concerns so you don’t get blocked and have to scramble for support at the last minute. 

1. Make sure the right people are getting copied on messages from ExaVault. You can add contacts and update email preferences so specific users receive System, Product, Domain, Invoice, or Support emails.

Go to the Client Area and update email preferences now >>

2. Make sure staff working with files in your account know how to access our help documentation and support ticketing system. 

Share this direct link to our support library >> https://www.exavault.com/docs 

Help is also easily accessible directly in our application. Click the ? in the lower left corner for tutorials, help documentation and contact info.

Updated help center in ExaVault application.

3. Review your activity and account usage. Advanced plans offer additional storage and transactions, as well as unlimited users and unlimited bandwidth. If your business expects a surge of activity, it may be time for a temporary upgrade. 

Learn about Account Usage reports >>

4. Emails from our support team might be vital to keeping workflows on target during high activity. Ensure important communications are not lost or missed. Check your spam folder for emails from support@exavault.com, billing@exavault.com or info@exavault.com.

5. Reduce last minute headaches. The client area provides important information on your account status. Give it a quick check to make sure payment information is up to date and all invoices are paid. 

No matter what your activity will look like in the coming weeks, ExaVault can help you prepare. Contact us if you need assistance with any of the items detailed above.

Harness the Power of Shares 

You’re already sharing files and folders with coworkers and clients. Now is a great time to learn about the features and configuration options that give you complete control of your shares. 

When you know these 5 key features, you’ll have The Power of Share Links for Managing File Access.

People with laptops sharing files.

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