A Farewell to SWFT, Styling Updates & Video

Published on 12 Mar 2019

This month marks a milestone for us. It’s been eight years since we launched our original ‘SWFT’ web interface. As technology has improved, the outdated design, functionality and code architecture of SWFT was no longer providing the modern features and usability our clients need.

SWFT Has Been Officially Retired

We launched a brand new interface last year, and in late February 2019, the last of our clients were transitioned to the new interface.

Our entire team put a lot of planning and hard work into making this transition smooth, but we want to give a special shout-out to Tom Fite in Engineering. Tom has been with ExaVault for almost a decade and built our SWFT interface from the ground up. We couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks, Tom!

As you’ve all seen by now, the new interface has a more streamlined look and responsive design. Easy to use navigation lets you get to the tools and features you need faster. And Tom is much much happier with a new, better codebase to maintain.

Tom Fite, Head of Engineering. "I've been writing code since I was 8 years old, back when BASIC was the only way to make a Commadore 64 do anything. Since then, I've seen and done a little bit of everything."

UI Updates Make More Than A Visual Impact

We recently updated our new interface to the latest Material Design standards as part of our continuing focus on ease of use. While you may notice little changes throughout, we’d like to point out three key places where you can see these helpful updates:

1. Input Boxes

More easily identify what you can interact with when viewing forms. You’ll clearly see the input boxes and exactly where to enter information.

Input boxes for online forms.

2. Action Buttons

Solid color action buttons stand out more now, so you can tell at a glance which buttons are active. These action buttons in the web interface allow you to select from a drop-down menu of actions for each file or folder in your account – from downloading to setting up a direct link or setting up a receive folder for web integration.

Action buttons no longer look disabled.

3. Toggles

The color has been updated to be much more apparent when a toggle is enabled, with whatever color-theme you have set for your account. We wanted to take the confusion out of toggles, and being able to tell whether they are turned on or off.

Updated toggle buttons.

New How-To Video Help

Also in the works: we’ve been creating videos to help you use all the features of ExaVault. From sharing folders to setting up direct links, you can watch a quick video that will walk you through the process.

Check out our YouTube channel for these new additions to our support materials. We have plans for more in the future, so be sure to let us know what additional topics you would find helpful. Drop us a line at support@exavault.com

How to video screenshot for create user in ExaVault.

Ready to test-drive the new interface? Try ExaVault today!

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