A New Option for Help + Code Libraries Updates

Published on 01 Dec 2020

This month, we’ve updated our in-app help menu so you can chat with us directly if you run into trouble. We’ve also made a few updates to our API code libraries based on early client feedback. Plus, are you aware of the advantages your ExaVault account offers? Find out more in our newest blog on SFTP hosting advantages. 

Chat with Us

Have a question? Now administrator-level users can chat with us directly from the in-app help menu. Locate the help menu in the lower-left corner and choose ‘Start a Chat.’ A chat window will automatically open. 

During our hours of operation, someone will respond shortly. If no one is available, we will review your question as soon as we can and get back to you via email. 

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Starting a live chat in the ExaVault application.

Updated Code Libraries 

Based on early client feedback, we’ve recently released updated versions of our Java, PHP, C#, Python, and JavaScript SDKs. We’ve taken care of several bugs, clarified documentation, and fixed minor naming and consistency issues. The updated code libraries, and associated sample code, is now available on GitHub.

ExaVault code libraries.

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SFTP Hosting Advantages 

With your ExaVault account, you get hosted SFTP plus modern web-based file transfer features all in one service. Read about the basic functionality, and advantages you get in our latest blog: SFTP Hosting Advantages Over In-House Server Hosting.

Interfacing with servers via SFTP hosting.

Find Out More >>

Upcoming Holidays

We change our support schedule for the holidays. There will be no phone or chat support from December 25th through January 1st for the holiday season. Phone and chat support will be available again starting Monday, January 4th. 

Email support will continue normally. Engineers will also be on-call to assist if needed for any critical issues.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at our support email, which is support@exavault.com

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